Saturday, July 31, 2010

Calibrating your imac monitor

Glad I came across this site, very helpful. Took me a couple of times to find just the right method. Using a 5000k lightbulb, but it wouldn't set at 5000 kelvin, so used 6500 for a much better result.
White point set at 6500
Gamma set at 2.2
Luminance at the suggested 120
Had to set the brightness at max for the Cinema display and adjust with eye-one. Using the keyboards brightness controls. WIth the imac, I had to open up system preferences and move the brightness control and then close system prefs to see where the luminance set. If not right, open up the system prefs and move the brightness again-until it's right.
Both monitors look great. Can't tell them apart. Need to have something printed to make sure. Jon L
Lightroom monitor calibration

Firewire connections

The two hard drives I have are Buffalo drives with 4pin, 6pin, usb 2 connections. I am using the 6 pin for best results. Using a firewire 400 Belkin hub that now connects to my new imac i3. I had this hub already. I will in the future want a 800 hub. A connection from a firewire 4 pin on the hard drive to the hub 6 pin connector does work, as well as a 6 pin hub (400) to the 9 pin (800), where I hooked up from the hub to the imac. Found that these are backwards compatible. All I had to get was a 800 to 400 cable. As I stated I opted for the 6pin on the hard drive to the 6pin to 400 hub connection. Then had a 6pin on one end of the cable to the 9pin for the imac.
Having only one firewire 800 on the imac doesn't help. you can also hook up straight from the hard drive to the usb connection on the imac. You can also get a usb hub 2.0 hub if needed.
Here is the best links and info I found on the subject. Jon L
Bridging firewire

Friday, July 30, 2010

new imac 21inch first impressions

Got the imac and fast. Ordered Weds and got it Friday morning. Didn't add anything than stock, or it would have taken longer to get. Beautiful compared to my 2006 model imac. All metal is much more attractive. Only thing that bugs me is the glossy screen. When your used to matt, glossy stinks. Just my opinion. I can already tell it will be problematic when using in photoshop. Not to mention I couldn't launch CS 3. Thanks Adobe. At least Lightroom had no problems. New SD slot is nice, but no picture on how to put it in? To bad no flash card, as this is what I still use.
And now the time it took to get up and running. 3.5 hours to transfer info, as I didn't have the correct cord ( to 9pin) from 400 firewire to 800. So usb took some time. Bought the cord later that day so I could use the firewire on some drives and my hub. Hub won't recognize the 4 to 6 pin firewire connections, not with the new imac firewire 800. Hub works fine with firewire 400 on my old imac. Switched to usb on two drives-need another hub as I ran out of usb connections. New imac has one less firewire connector?
Other things, to bright of a screen. Turned down the brightness until I can calibrate it. Bought the extended warranty as I've heard these imac's are tough to take apart. All wireless keyboard and mouse are nice! You will have to update the software, as it's 10.6.3.
Have to get used to smaller keyboard and mouse. Keyboard is 40% smaller. Mouse is very nice, but a bit small for big hands. Overall I'm quite pleased. Jon L

Friday, July 02, 2010


Wow! is all I can say. Came across this band by accident. They weren't supposed to make this record, but some how it came out and glad it did. If your a rock n roller who desires great music. Check them out. Jon L

The rest you can find on itunes.