Sunday, April 04, 2010

Favorite ipad apps

Been looking hard and have come up with a few favorite ipad apps. Will add more when I find them. Some of these work with both iphone an ipad. Jon L

Speakit great app(only records 1000 words or less)
Downloader-download, view, & share files from the web (productivity)
World Altas HD
Now playing
t chess lite
Newsrack (rss reader is fantastic)
Wordbook (dictionary)
The Elements
Offline Pages
Web Reader
Google Earth

Ipad review: first 24 hours

My first 24 hours with the ipad. To say the least, it’s very impressive. Easy to use and it’s addictive. I loaded a number of apps on it and find the large screen a real pleasure to work with. The iphone apps just don’t cut it at 2x. Some have been modified to work with the ipad.
The ipad is a bit weighty, but I don’t find it that noticeable. The battery life is fantastic! I recommend turning down the brightness for extended battery life. The screen for me was just to bright at it’s setting.
So far the internet is great, even the video’s are mostly working with the ipad. For me this was a big concern and it looks like Apple is taking it very seriously. I expect html to become a major force in the next year. One of the biggest surprises for me, was the added icon on the front of the tablet (right bottom) where it let you use the ipad as a photo slide show viewer. What a great idea. This allows you to save a few hundred dollars right there, if you ever thought of getting one.
I can’t say enough about the speed and size of the ipad. You really have to see it up close and play with it to really understand just how it can work. I don’t have a notebook, so for me this is perfect. I already own the iphone and imac, so this frees me up and lets me really go mobile when doing basic things on a computer. Even thou I don’t see myself using the 3g model as I only got the wifi one. I will use my iphone for mobile. But around the house or on vacation this is a must.
Now to the things I really have issues with-the keyboard sucks! Not the placement or the fact that it’s virtual, but the fact that I just can’t use it for anything but short notes. Why, it’s just to damn touchy, with even the slightest touch of the screen and your typing away. I don’t know if apple can reduce the pressure on the key tabs so you can lay your hands down to type or not. But for me, you will need the added keyboard if you do any serious typing. If your a student, get the keyboard.
I did find app’s for doing nothing but audio. This may be the way to go if you don’t want to use the virtual keyboard. Another one of my issues, is the same as with the iphone. If your depending on your data being safe-does the app have it’s own backup feature, if not-I hope your data backup on your computer never becomes corrupt or you will lose everything. Something to keep in mind as I have learned the hard way.
Was it worth the money, for me it was, but for someone who already owns a notebook-id pass. Forgot, if you charge the ipad, use a separate outlet, as it will use up the battery if your connected to a computer that is asleep.