Saturday, July 31, 2010

Calibrating your imac monitor

Glad I came across this site, very helpful. Took me a couple of times to find just the right method. Using a 5000k lightbulb, but it wouldn't set at 5000 kelvin, so used 6500 for a much better result.
White point set at 6500
Gamma set at 2.2
Luminance at the suggested 120
Had to set the brightness at max for the Cinema display and adjust with eye-one. Using the keyboards brightness controls. WIth the imac, I had to open up system preferences and move the brightness control and then close system prefs to see where the luminance set. If not right, open up the system prefs and move the brightness again-until it's right.
Both monitors look great. Can't tell them apart. Need to have something printed to make sure. Jon L
Lightroom monitor calibration

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