Friday, February 05, 2010


Now that the hype has calmed down, isn't Apple so good at this marketing without spending a dime. The question remains, who wants one. I do! And I'll give my reasons.
Reasons for own an ipad. Mostly the internet connection, wether it's wifi or G3 connection. I'm thinking for those who are business,students (money and weight), older folks like me who wear bifocals and can't read comfortably on an iphone. And then there is books. Digital books. Looks like well all be paying higher prices now that Apple is in the game. Amazon had the market to them selfs and could dictate the prices. Also look at all the new consumers who just want to get email, surf, photos, books, and can't afford a notebook or don't need one. I know of a few older folks who just need this and need it to be simple and easy to use, without spending so much upfront.
As for "flash" it remains to be seen wether this will become a problem for sales. With flash being a battery hog and Apple choosing to be non flash on the ipod and ipad, my guess is that if Apple can sell enough of these, html (flash) will surfice, that and H.264. flash and mobile
Those crying for a camera on the ipad, it may become an issue for those in business (tele conferences) or consumers who have no other device. For me and most people, who cares. I have a pro camera and an iphone.
The interesting thing I picked up from the release of the ipad was Steve Jobs telling us "this may be the most important thing I've done at Apple". What does he know that most of the press don't? Besides being apple to sit on the couch, bed, porch or other places around the house and not be stuck at a desk. I think the ipad will be that tech that has shown what will eventually come. A ipad notebook, one that you can have the full Mac Os on and replace the notebook. I have always thought that being able to mount the ipad as a desktop or pull it out of it's holder connections and take it mobile will be the future. A broad band future as the networks become more powerful.
Things I don't like. No multi tasking. I think Apple will find a way to do this. Here is one optimist. I see it being more important on an ipad vs iphone. Processor speed? That remains to be seen, as a lot of net books have 1.6 or better speed; but this chip is from Apples new purchase of a chip maker. No USB, but that opens the ipad up and you know? Apple control. At least they got a keyboard.
Which one will I be getting. The wifi only version. I'm not paying anymore to AT&T. Jon L
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