Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mac security compromised?

Found this article on the site "lifehacker". A must read if you want to protect yourself. Jon L

Monday, October 18, 2010

Game changers: Steve Jobs

Worth a look. Jobs the entrepreneur and his rise fall and rise again! Video from Bloomberg. JonL

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Using the Apple keyboard for ipad

After reading a number of posts and seeing some video, it seems that getting the keyboard to work with first your computer and then switching to the ipad isn't as easy as it should be. Not Apple like to be sure.
First you have to delete the bluetooth device shown in the window of system preferences under the bluetooth icon. Only after doing this can the keyboard be free to pair with the ipad. Some have said all you had to do was disconnect in the software in the status menu bar, where it says devices and then disconnect. But I found that it just came back when I tried to pair it with the ipad. So in the end the whole device needs deleting.
Hopefully Apple will have a software fix soon. Jon L
Apple forums
Here is some video on just how to do it.
How to video

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Calibrating your imac monitor

Glad I came across this site, very helpful. Took me a couple of times to find just the right method. Using a 5000k lightbulb, but it wouldn't set at 5000 kelvin, so used 6500 for a much better result.
White point set at 6500
Gamma set at 2.2
Luminance at the suggested 120
Had to set the brightness at max for the Cinema display and adjust with eye-one. Using the keyboards brightness controls. WIth the imac, I had to open up system preferences and move the brightness control and then close system prefs to see where the luminance set. If not right, open up the system prefs and move the brightness again-until it's right.
Both monitors look great. Can't tell them apart. Need to have something printed to make sure. Jon L
Lightroom monitor calibration

Firewire connections

The two hard drives I have are Buffalo drives with 4pin, 6pin, usb 2 connections. I am using the 6 pin for best results. Using a firewire 400 Belkin hub that now connects to my new imac i3. I had this hub already. I will in the future want a 800 hub. A connection from a firewire 4 pin on the hard drive to the hub 6 pin connector does work, as well as a 6 pin hub (400) to the 9 pin (800), where I hooked up from the hub to the imac. Found that these are backwards compatible. All I had to get was a 800 to 400 cable. As I stated I opted for the 6pin on the hard drive to the 6pin to 400 hub connection. Then had a 6pin on one end of the cable to the 9pin for the imac.
Having only one firewire 800 on the imac doesn't help. you can also hook up straight from the hard drive to the usb connection on the imac. You can also get a usb hub 2.0 hub if needed.
Here is the best links and info I found on the subject. Jon L
Bridging firewire

Friday, July 30, 2010

new imac 21inch first impressions

Got the imac and fast. Ordered Weds and got it Friday morning. Didn't add anything than stock, or it would have taken longer to get. Beautiful compared to my 2006 model imac. All metal is much more attractive. Only thing that bugs me is the glossy screen. When your used to matt, glossy stinks. Just my opinion. I can already tell it will be problematic when using in photoshop. Not to mention I couldn't launch CS 3. Thanks Adobe. At least Lightroom had no problems. New SD slot is nice, but no picture on how to put it in? To bad no flash card, as this is what I still use.
And now the time it took to get up and running. 3.5 hours to transfer info, as I didn't have the correct cord ( to 9pin) from 400 firewire to 800. So usb took some time. Bought the cord later that day so I could use the firewire on some drives and my hub. Hub won't recognize the 4 to 6 pin firewire connections, not with the new imac firewire 800. Hub works fine with firewire 400 on my old imac. Switched to usb on two drives-need another hub as I ran out of usb connections. New imac has one less firewire connector?
Other things, to bright of a screen. Turned down the brightness until I can calibrate it. Bought the extended warranty as I've heard these imac's are tough to take apart. All wireless keyboard and mouse are nice! You will have to update the software, as it's 10.6.3.
Have to get used to smaller keyboard and mouse. Keyboard is 40% smaller. Mouse is very nice, but a bit small for big hands. Overall I'm quite pleased. Jon L

Friday, July 02, 2010


Wow! is all I can say. Came across this band by accident. They weren't supposed to make this record, but some how it came out and glad it did. If your a rock n roller who desires great music. Check them out. Jon L

The rest you can find on itunes.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Favorite ipad apps

Been looking hard and have come up with a few favorite ipad apps. Will add more when I find them. Some of these work with both iphone an ipad. Jon L

Speakit great app(only records 1000 words or less)
Downloader-download, view, & share files from the web (productivity)
World Altas HD
Now playing
t chess lite
Newsrack (rss reader is fantastic)
Wordbook (dictionary)
The Elements
Offline Pages
Web Reader
Google Earth

Ipad review: first 24 hours

My first 24 hours with the ipad. To say the least, it’s very impressive. Easy to use and it’s addictive. I loaded a number of apps on it and find the large screen a real pleasure to work with. The iphone apps just don’t cut it at 2x. Some have been modified to work with the ipad.
The ipad is a bit weighty, but I don’t find it that noticeable. The battery life is fantastic! I recommend turning down the brightness for extended battery life. The screen for me was just to bright at it’s setting.
So far the internet is great, even the video’s are mostly working with the ipad. For me this was a big concern and it looks like Apple is taking it very seriously. I expect html to become a major force in the next year. One of the biggest surprises for me, was the added icon on the front of the tablet (right bottom) where it let you use the ipad as a photo slide show viewer. What a great idea. This allows you to save a few hundred dollars right there, if you ever thought of getting one.
I can’t say enough about the speed and size of the ipad. You really have to see it up close and play with it to really understand just how it can work. I don’t have a notebook, so for me this is perfect. I already own the iphone and imac, so this frees me up and lets me really go mobile when doing basic things on a computer. Even thou I don’t see myself using the 3g model as I only got the wifi one. I will use my iphone for mobile. But around the house or on vacation this is a must.
Now to the things I really have issues with-the keyboard sucks! Not the placement or the fact that it’s virtual, but the fact that I just can’t use it for anything but short notes. Why, it’s just to damn touchy, with even the slightest touch of the screen and your typing away. I don’t know if apple can reduce the pressure on the key tabs so you can lay your hands down to type or not. But for me, you will need the added keyboard if you do any serious typing. If your a student, get the keyboard.
I did find app’s for doing nothing but audio. This may be the way to go if you don’t want to use the virtual keyboard. Another one of my issues, is the same as with the iphone. If your depending on your data being safe-does the app have it’s own backup feature, if not-I hope your data backup on your computer never becomes corrupt or you will lose everything. Something to keep in mind as I have learned the hard way.
Was it worth the money, for me it was, but for someone who already owns a notebook-id pass. Forgot, if you charge the ipad, use a separate outlet, as it will use up the battery if your connected to a computer that is asleep.

Friday, February 05, 2010


Now that the hype has calmed down, isn't Apple so good at this marketing without spending a dime. The question remains, who wants one. I do! And I'll give my reasons.
Reasons for own an ipad. Mostly the internet connection, wether it's wifi or G3 connection. I'm thinking for those who are business,students (money and weight), older folks like me who wear bifocals and can't read comfortably on an iphone. And then there is books. Digital books. Looks like well all be paying higher prices now that Apple is in the game. Amazon had the market to them selfs and could dictate the prices. Also look at all the new consumers who just want to get email, surf, photos, books, and can't afford a notebook or don't need one. I know of a few older folks who just need this and need it to be simple and easy to use, without spending so much upfront.
As for "flash" it remains to be seen wether this will become a problem for sales. With flash being a battery hog and Apple choosing to be non flash on the ipod and ipad, my guess is that if Apple can sell enough of these, html (flash) will surfice, that and H.264. flash and mobile
Those crying for a camera on the ipad, it may become an issue for those in business (tele conferences) or consumers who have no other device. For me and most people, who cares. I have a pro camera and an iphone.
The interesting thing I picked up from the release of the ipad was Steve Jobs telling us "this may be the most important thing I've done at Apple". What does he know that most of the press don't? Besides being apple to sit on the couch, bed, porch or other places around the house and not be stuck at a desk. I think the ipad will be that tech that has shown what will eventually come. A ipad notebook, one that you can have the full Mac Os on and replace the notebook. I have always thought that being able to mount the ipad as a desktop or pull it out of it's holder connections and take it mobile will be the future. A broad band future as the networks become more powerful.
Things I don't like. No multi tasking. I think Apple will find a way to do this. Here is one optimist. I see it being more important on an ipad vs iphone. Processor speed? That remains to be seen, as a lot of net books have 1.6 or better speed; but this chip is from Apples new purchase of a chip maker. No USB, but that opens the ipad up and you know? Apple control. At least they got a keyboard.
Which one will I be getting. The wifi only version. I'm not paying anymore to AT&T. Jon L
Apple Ipad
Ipad debate

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Steve Jobs lesson

Those of you who know of "TED" website will want to see this speech by Steve Jobs. He tells three stories to inspire a life lived. I really liked this speech and enjoy the site for all it shares. JonL