Sunday, December 20, 2009

iphone media database applications

If your like most folks who own an iphone and wish to see just what kind of things you can do with it, one of the biggest areas is database of your movies, music and books. So searching in itunes apps, I found threw the years in owning my iphone what I believe are the best for my needs.
Be it for Music, books, movies, you have some choices for the iphone. From Pocketpedia2(not cheap and like Bento, very intensive). Juicy library (does movies, books, music in one app) is buggy and no backup. Album dashboard, Book library, Dvd dashboard, Bento (where you need to buy the desktop version to). Idiscography, and a few others I may have missed.
Some of these have backups and others do not.
My ultimate choice came down to three apps by the same developer. Disc Tracker, Myboxoffice, ibookshelf. All of these have the same structure in the database and the most detailed, multiple choice views, and with scanning features that cost an extra 99 cents per app-in my view is well worth it if you have a lot of media. Has built in camera if you can't get an image or the one u want. All of these apps cost 1.99 on the app store. In my opinion there is nothing to compare with the details, choices this app gives you. Even write your own private notes on each media input. Each has a backup & restore feature. Other areas of interest: search, landscape view of photos. Rate product, if you viewed or listened or read the item. What type of media, blueray or other and if it's loaned out. Genre.
Update, Looks as tho I missed one. My Library by the same author and it covers cd's, movies, and books under one app. Not as detailed, but nice.
I suggest you check out a number of these for yourself. If you are someone who wishes to have everything and don't mind the time and expense, than "Bento" may be best suited.
Let me know which of these you prefer or if you find something I have missed. Jon L