Friday, November 27, 2009

PDF organizers

Started looking for a PDF organizer for websites I wanted to download information from. Articles, PDF's, News stories, etc. I found three of them that seem to be the top ones to get.
PDF pen or pro version.
Even Notebook, by Circus Poney, has many options.
Notetaker by Aguaminds.
But for the sake of ease, I choose the pdf centric apps. I have played with all three demo's and found that to my liking is "yojimbo", as it does more than just PDF's. So does "papers", but it's specialty is PDF's and search for academics. I opted for both "Yojimbo" and "Papers".
I like Papers for the iphone app that comes separately. So from your desktop to iphone your PDF's can be accessed. What I mostly like about "yojimbo" and "Papers" is that you can download them right from the web, already from the browser. Just save as if your printing and your webpage saves as a PDF. This is great to keep all kinds of documents for future reference.
One hint is in saving the whole document if it has multiple pages on your browser, is to hit the print icon. Some of the articles come up in one long page, making it perfect to save as a PDF. This way you don't have to try and work with it later in Preview. You will pay between 40 & 70 dollars. Jon L