Sunday, October 25, 2009

New iMac's and disappointments

Some thoughts on the new imac. I really like the idea of cinematic screens, but not on a computer! Why, because real estate is lost. The 24 inch screens had more vertical space to work with. Not all bad, as the Apple TV can work well with the new models(Update: found out this isn't true). One solution is for the imac to take on the iphones technology using sensors for vertical and horizontal views. I realize that the imac can't achieve this as is with the size of the screens. But, why can't Apple make a screen that turns horizontal and vertical - I have seen it done on other brand name monitors. I guess it might be problematic for the cords running into the computer (but were talking about Apple). If you remove the icons of the dash board you can get another inch or so of real estate.
The glossy reflections still bother me big-time! If your a photographer, artist, graphic designer or someone who works with color editing this can be a problem. If they can have matte screens for Macbook pros, why not imac's? I still love the matte screen on my imac 2006 17in) late edition model. The colors are still great and no reflections of any kind. Apple just seems to be uninterested in those who need or wish for matte screens.
Even if we have to pay more, I want that option. I do like the new computers, but will not be upgrading just because of that problem. This leaves me in a quandary as to where to go from here. The mac mini? No! Not enough power(graphics card). The Macbook pro? No, to expensive for my taste.
One last beef. Why can't apple make the calibration of the monitor easier than it is. On the third party monitors there is a much more professional options for getting the monitor calibrated at it's peak level of capability.
Don't wish this to sound like a rant, it's just that we can and do expect the most from Apple!
Checked out the new imac mouse; just love it. Simple but a bit small for bigger hands. Give us two sizes please. Jon L

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Major Snow Leopard Bug

Got this off the news. Looks like everyone should be aware of this and how to avoid it. Among other issues below.
Snow Leopard deleting user accounts
Here's another problem.
disappearing files
I have had problems saving files to the same folder. Once I save to a folder and try to do it again; it goes to the level above, but not the folder I previously saved to. Jon L