Monday, September 28, 2009

Battery charger for the iphone

After realizing that I needed backup power for my iphone, I went on a search for it. The web being the best place, as the stores I went to had little or nothing to offer.
Hense, googling a number of sites, reading reviews-I came upon the I found it by asking myself what I really needed and wanted. Did I want a powerful battery backup or something that was contoured and easy to go with my iphone? I chose the latter. I didn't really want a long chord going from battery charger to iphone, even thou I could charge the iphone 4 or 5 times from 10% charge. The uses on a plane ride would have been perfect for such a device. But, needing something for everyday use, I found some I really thought would work well, but sacrificing the power. I looked at the Fastmac Truepower iv, which I almost bought. Has more power than the Mili and a flashlight. Seidio, nice compact, cheap, but lacking any real power. The famous or well known "Mophie juice pack." Good, but problems with peeling materials and lesser power. Then there's the u2o ipu-5400 packs mega power, but have to use a chord to the iphone. If you check Amazon or bymeaniphone link , you can find more info and make an informed decision on what will work best for you. One last thing, I'm reading that if you get a battery charger that covers the whole iphone, expect potential problems with reception. Jon L

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Favorite iphone photo apps

Since having my iphone updated from 2g to the new 3Gs, I have Found it more compelling to look for apps that work with the new camera and video on the iphone. My list of useful iphone apps.
Camera Bag
Vint B&W
OOF Camera
Cool fx
Camera HD
Any of these you will have to decide for yourself on. These are just my picks. Would love to hear from others who use them. You can find these on itunes. Jon

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Snow Leopard

With the advent of the new release of Snow leopard, how was the upgrade and how much speed improvement was there really? For me, it wasn't a very good upgrade. One, I couldn't upgrade at all. So I had to erase my drive and do a complete new install. I only used snow leopard for the installation and used my time machine backup for getting things back. My main problem was using time machine, make sure you don't exclude your main internal drive or you won't be backing up anything. Other problem, was a quirk of not being able to quit a program? I rebooted and repaired permissions-haven't seen the problem again. Next problem, my mouse is crippled, as logitech hasn't completed it's leopard update drivers?
Regarding my image editing software. Lightroom had no problems. Cs3 wouldn't start. Licensing issue and I haven't resolved it yet? Adobe, damn you! Wonder just how much time I will have to spend just getting it to boot.
Otherwise, it's a nice upgrade. But without being able to upgrade my ram or video card, it wouldn't have been worth the upgrade if I had to pay a regular price. But at 29 dollars it was worth it.
P.S. After spending about 6 hours, I fixed Cs3 and had it launch. Not even sure how I did it. But manually changed a few key things in preferences in user mode and system library. Using my time machine backup prefs. Here is a link to some of the issues. Adobe sucks in my opinion. What a mess. Jon L
Adobe forum