Sunday, September 06, 2009

Snow Leopard

With the advent of the new release of Snow leopard, how was the upgrade and how much speed improvement was there really? For me, it wasn't a very good upgrade. One, I couldn't upgrade at all. So I had to erase my drive and do a complete new install. I only used snow leopard for the installation and used my time machine backup for getting things back. My main problem was using time machine, make sure you don't exclude your main internal drive or you won't be backing up anything. Other problem, was a quirk of not being able to quit a program? I rebooted and repaired permissions-haven't seen the problem again. Next problem, my mouse is crippled, as logitech hasn't completed it's leopard update drivers?
Regarding my image editing software. Lightroom had no problems. Cs3 wouldn't start. Licensing issue and I haven't resolved it yet? Adobe, damn you! Wonder just how much time I will have to spend just getting it to boot.
Otherwise, it's a nice upgrade. But without being able to upgrade my ram or video card, it wouldn't have been worth the upgrade if I had to pay a regular price. But at 29 dollars it was worth it.
P.S. After spending about 6 hours, I fixed Cs3 and had it launch. Not even sure how I did it. But manually changed a few key things in preferences in user mode and system library. Using my time machine backup prefs. Here is a link to some of the issues. Adobe sucks in my opinion. What a mess. Jon L
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