Monday, September 28, 2009

Battery charger for the iphone

After realizing that I needed backup power for my iphone, I went on a search for it. The web being the best place, as the stores I went to had little or nothing to offer.
Hense, googling a number of sites, reading reviews-I came upon the I found it by asking myself what I really needed and wanted. Did I want a powerful battery backup or something that was contoured and easy to go with my iphone? I chose the latter. I didn't really want a long chord going from battery charger to iphone, even thou I could charge the iphone 4 or 5 times from 10% charge. The uses on a plane ride would have been perfect for such a device. But, needing something for everyday use, I found some I really thought would work well, but sacrificing the power. I looked at the Fastmac Truepower iv, which I almost bought. Has more power than the Mili and a flashlight. Seidio, nice compact, cheap, but lacking any real power. The famous or well known "Mophie juice pack." Good, but problems with peeling materials and lesser power. Then there's the u2o ipu-5400 packs mega power, but have to use a chord to the iphone. If you check Amazon or bymeaniphone link , you can find more info and make an informed decision on what will work best for you. One last thing, I'm reading that if you get a battery charger that covers the whole iphone, expect potential problems with reception. Jon L

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