Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lightroom workflow presets

Lightroom presets for workflow. A basic starting point. First you will need your monitor calibrated. Lightroom 2. Photoshop CS3 or newer.

After working with Lightroom for about two weeks now. I found that there is a learning curve to working with develop settings and trying to find the best image. I took this up, because I was getting kind of flat looking results with lightroom only. Figured I needed a good starting base to work from.

Since I already had CS3, I took the raw file from lightroom and edited it to CS3 threw edit export. Then using curves in CS3, I used Scott Kelby's Method of working shadows, mid-tones and highlights. From there I made any final tweaks opening up curves again.

Next saved the image and went back to lightroom 2. where it showed up as a PSD file. Next, I made a virtual copy of the (raw file) original and tried to match the same exposure, colour, contrast, etc. of the psd using lightroom. Making these adjustments in the develop module, mostly using Basic and Tone curves. After getting as close as possible to the settings I had made in curves with CS3 (psd file), I used the virtual copied clone file in lightroom to make a preset.

I called this preset "CS3 snap" and use it as my base starting point in lightroom. Works pretty good and I make tweaks from there when working with a new image. I think there is room for other presets in areas like hard backlight and Black N White. I made another for backlit images.
You will have to make new presets for every different camera you use.

Would like to know how other lightroom users are getting consistant results. Improving processes, techniques. Would like to know how it works for others. Jon L

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