Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Better Finder Rename

After finding this software posted on the dpreview board, I took a closer look. It is very simple software for renaming your photos and other files; music, text-with extra details on the website. You can also save as presets, thou I didn't do any.
I'm speaking strictly from a photographers use. The best way to learn is the demo and the screencast on the website to get you up to speed. Then read the Overview on the webpage for more details. The data changes will show in realtime previews, so it makes it easy to see what is going to show as the end result. My only misgiving, was the fact that dropping folders seems a bit confusing. Seems best to open folder first and then drop the images, one or all, or the sequence might be shown as a folder, for the first image.
I recommend this software for those who have lots of images and don't wish to change them one at a time. Should save anyone hours of time consuming work. If your like me, I can see it useful for generic photo-shoots (weddings, vacation, webmasters), but whether naming folders or like me, going threw every image and then typing in a caption,label, if this would make sense for organization of your photo library is your call.
Not sure if there are any photoshop software or plugins in this area. The closest things I can find is Graphic converter. Jon L
Graphic converter$35

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