Sunday, December 28, 2008

CS3 selections from Lightroom 2

I played some using edit mode from lightroom to CS3. I made seven selection adjustments, can you tell where? Jon L

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Genius in Photography

Here we can see the journey of photography in the history of those who came before us. These video's tell us a story. Some will influence us and others will provoke us, still others just perplex us.
And sadly some work, will never be seen. Zeitgeist. Jon L
Robert Frank
Richard Avedon
Steven Meisel
Annie Leibovitz
Herb Ritts
Ralph Gibson
Henry Cartier Bresson
Pete Turner
Robin Bowman
What makes it interesting is the writing that goes with each image Robin takes.

Monday, December 15, 2008

10.5.6 update to Mac Os X

The latest update is here. And so is the details and likely list of fixes and problematic fall outs of the newest update. Jon L
Fixes list: versiontracker
Just a note: if you want to keep this info; save as a pdf in print. Or Macfixit will take it off the website for free viewing, in 30 days.
Update on Macfixit
A deeper look: update

Friday, December 05, 2008

Removing Files on your Mac

The best way is the installer that came with the software. If it has an de-installer in the same install app. If not, then try one of these.
AppZapper $13
AppTrap freeware
Cleanapp $13
AppDelete $5
Or you can try Spotlight, which you might use to track down any other files not deleted.
Also of note: Some recent talk again about virus software for the Mac. I don't recommend any of it; if you absolutely need something, try "ClamXav" It's shareware. I use only ClamXav and never have any file problems; except an occasional mail file, which is usually a windows attachment. Which is benign to Mac's anyway, that is if it is even a virus?
Most important is a firewall setup that is already in the Operating software, which I have discussed in previous posts. Jon L
PS: you can find all these apps here. Versiontracker

Monday, December 01, 2008

Welcome to Macintosh: A Documentary

Came across this tonight on arstechnica. I think all Apple fans will enjoy it and some may decide to get it for their collection. It's a documentary on Apple. You can't call it just a computer company, it's about creating something that is like art; taking something ordinary and pushing it to the limits of your imagination. Jon L
Arstechnica talks about it.

Lightroom 2.0

I just ordered Lightroom 2 on Amazon for 149.00. Figured this would be the buy of the year. It's cyber Monday, Right after Black Friday.
Below are some video's to Lightroom basics, as I have heard the package has little to nothing in it for information. Also ordered the book "Lightroom 2" from Scott Kelby.
Adobe TV
Also, here is the PDF link to the manual.
Next, websites for lightroom 2.0 videos, tutorials, plug-ins, RSS feeds.
Some lightroom plug-ins:
you can even make a book in lightroom; though I don't recommend it.
I will keep doing mine in iphoto. Scott Kelby shows how.
making Book
Last but not least, is search in itunes for Lightroom and subscribe to the video podcasts.
Adobe labs: Labs
Lightroom forums: forums
Finally keep uptodate with lightroom news. Jon L
lightroom news
Good discussion on lightroom.
3 reasons why i refuse to use lightroom
Keeping up with lightroom.
lightroom blog
A recent podcast about Lightroom 2.Tom Hogarty Product manager.
Lightroom Conversation