Friday, November 28, 2008

iphone 2.2 update

Looks like a ma-rid of problems regarding this update; although I haven't had any, that I've noticed yet. Here are a few sites discussing the features and the issues some users are having.
Jon L
2.2 update
Issues: Check the right column for topic's regarding the iphone.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adobe TV

Came across this on Amazons website. Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements both have video's for instruction and techniques, among other software made by Adobe. You can get other videos besides Adobe; Russell Brown and photoshopuser, LayersTV, also have videos all in this one place-separated by checking for names of software or software versions.
From tutorials, demo's, tips n tricks, inspiration. These are also searched by checking the beginner, intermediate, advanced selections. Search is also a way to find the area knowledge base.
Don't forget the free software demo's to get the most out of your decision on what software to buy. Jon L

Friday, November 21, 2008


From a new fun site. Jon L
the Bird and the Bee
Again & Again
Mac verses Pc
South Park
Imac g4 animation

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

HoudahSpot for files searching/organizing

Want to use spotlight to it's fullest potential. Whether your filing photos, music, documents, apps or anything else "houdahSpot" can make your life much easier. Customize your search; templates and your own templates.
Great for organizing your photos just the way you want to. Don't forget to watch the screencast videos for more info. 15 dollars for app. Jon L
Macworld review of HoudahSpot. Macworld


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Security on your Mac "update"

I have recently reviewed my security knowledge base and found it needed updating. So starting with Pauldotcom, as these guys are top notch in the security field. Jon L
You will find more links to sites from this link, at the bottom left of the page.
More good stuff from the "Typical Mac user" site by Victor Cajiao.
Typical Mac user
Internet security blog.
Next, security alert page for apple.
And finally Macworld put out a security Super-guide PDF.
And for those needing more info on wireless networks. Look for two previous posts.
Airport Extreme, June 2007
Setting up a wireless network, July 2008
New: Macworld article on securing your network.
secure your home network

Saturday, November 01, 2008

News Readers from itune apps

I have looked closely at a number of News readers and came to buy two of them. I used the free version, but needed more options and be able to read away from Safari browser. I needed an app that would read online within the app itself. Both of these apps did this. If your like me, a news reader is a must to keep up to date with what's going on in the world and your interests.
I found "Manifesto" and "Byline" to be at the top of what I was looking for.
Manifesto is just a great news reader. It has it's own browser and has flagged files for referencing later. You have tabs of all sorts to control things and on the iphone you have preferences in settings. You can load all of your news feeds from google reader online. They will load up at one time or all at once. This is a good backup if things go wrong. I have to confess I found Manifesto to be just a bit simpler and less expensive then "Byline".
Byline is from google; another great app and with google, you know it will continue to improve. One thing different than "Manifesto" is the folders that come on "Byline", very nice; the only thing I would prefer is that the feeds be separate like in "manifesto" and then have the flagged articles in the separate folders. But that maybe just my preference.
Byline is controlled threw google reader online, so there is no way to add or subtract feeds from the iphone. You will have to do everything from your web browser. This is where "manifesto has it over "Byline". Everything else is much the same. You can email any article from both apps. Two other things you can do with "Byline" are sharing and notes for the community that google has online. Notes you can see in the app.
Another popular rss reader is "Newsstand", I can't say for sure how this rates, as I didn't buy it and there is no demo. But you can check it out to.
My choice for now is "Manifesto" costs less and works great and without the restrictions of the web to control feeds.
Here are the links to all. You can find them all under "news" in the app store on itunes. If you own an iphone or ipod touch, you already have the hardware. But you will need wifi. Jon L