Saturday, August 30, 2008

Favorite iphone Apps

Now that the iphone app store is open and millions of apps are making there way to users iphones; I thought it was time to put my favorites out to the public. From finance to radio; food and media, the list of diverse apps is making my iphone seem more like a computer everyday. Jon L
Scoreboard for apps: Score
DVD dashboard
Lexisgoo or worldbook
Memengo Wallet
Now playing (admit one)
Pic Quicker
Simplify Media
Stitcher radio
google earth
Whats on?
Aurora Feint
Book Library

AppleJacks back! Leopard edition

For those who have used "applejack 1.5" and followed the updates, this is indeed a happy moment for users. As I was beginning to think there would be no updates for Leopard. Jon L

AppleJack download
Applejack website:Applejack
Macworld review: Review

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Spyware on your Mac

Found out there are some cookies that have spyware to track your every move. Using Macscan, I found a number of cookies that were doing this.
First check your web browsers and make sure, your preferences are set to keep cookie settings from websites you visit only; not advertisers sites.
Here is a webpage describing Macscan. You can get a demo.
Macscan $30
There is also a a demo version from intego, which is more expensive.
I make no claim on which program is better.
Also, a site called Secunia for finding vulnerabilities on your Mac.
Last but not least, is a talk with Victor and Paul about security on the Mac. They discuss, five ways to improve security. Jon L

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

iphone 2.0.1 update

Finally My iphone is back to a much less buggy state-before 2.0.
I find so far, it is crashing much less than before and typing is much faster; but still a few apps have slow typing. But thats most likely the app itself. I now have more than 80 apps on my iphone.
Also found that by using 50 or less apps, my iphone seems to crash a whole lot less and recovers without doing a restore. Jon L
Having ihone issues; here's the place to start finding fixes and work arounds.
iphone atlas
Another iphone site: iphone alley
One more:
iphone blog