Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Inside Steve's brain

Just read the book "Inside Steve"s brain" by Leander Kahney. Great book, if you like learning how people think. Steve Jobs is a perfectionist extraordinaire and a one man powerhouse of energy, focus and vision. You can't help but admire this guy who doesn't take no for an answer.
Takes an opportunity and runs with it. Gets the right people and focus to achieve his vision. The maturity of Apple from computers to ink.
Design becomes an obsessive factor in the final product; an integrated element in the products character. Like a poet, musician, the passion is to make it the best it can be-something Jobs would love to have himself.
The symphony of players take stage as Jobs directs the flow and tempo; like a classical composer he moves the piece to it's finality.
Not to say Steve doesn't have his rough spots-most people of vision and passion do seem to make most folks either hate you or love you, with little in-between. A hot temper to be sure and somewhat of an elitism abounds in his striving for the best in life. I think most people who love Apple products can empathize with Jobs desire for exceeding the average.
The digital hub is where it all begins; looking to connect everything from this platform. Audio and visual, with the right applications to make everything work with an Apple type of ease. After audio and video; the now seen ipod and iphone seem obvious extensions to take the mac.
How much of Apples soul can exist without Jobs; we can only wonder how much the other Apple cast members can fill the vacuum when Steve steps down.
One thing few artists ever achieve is taking ones art and turning it into a product money maker. (arts aesthetic value to science) Perhaps the critics will appreciate Jobs a little more now, as what's under the mask has now been revealed to be only human after all. Review by Jon L

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Replacing your Imac hard drive

Hi, recently I had to replace my hard drive on my imac. The computer was having trouble starting up from the sleep mode. And clicking noises were also taking place. I wasn't sure, but thought this to be the most likely culprit.
Anyway it was a success and now I have breathed life into my older imac. Here's how I did it.
First, I did some googling and youtube searches to find out how to go about it. I found some videos and website photos on how it's done.
You will need some basic tools. Hex 6, 9, 10. A flat head and a phillips screw drivers. A towel to lay your imac screen on. A table or bed.
Imac is a 17 inch core 2 duo. White version. But if yours is different, you can google and youtube your specific imac or even mac mini. Jon L
replace internal hard drive photos
Next is youtube videos: for more specific search-put in your own phrase:
Here's another site suggested for info: Applefritter
I'll add more when I can......