Friday, December 05, 2008

Removing Files on your Mac

The best way is the installer that came with the software. If it has an de-installer in the same install app. If not, then try one of these.
AppZapper $13
AppTrap freeware
Cleanapp $13
AppDelete $5
Or you can try Spotlight, which you might use to track down any other files not deleted.
Also of note: Some recent talk again about virus software for the Mac. I don't recommend any of it; if you absolutely need something, try "ClamXav" It's shareware. I use only ClamXav and never have any file problems; except an occasional mail file, which is usually a windows attachment. Which is benign to Mac's anyway, that is if it is even a virus?
Most important is a firewall setup that is already in the Operating software, which I have discussed in previous posts. Jon L
PS: you can find all these apps here. Versiontracker

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Anonymous said...

You could also look at "uapp", I'm not sure if it's still in development / supported but it has a simple interface and does quite a nice job of finding related files.