Saturday, July 12, 2008

iphone 2.0 update

Hi, just thought I'd share some things regarding the iphone and the 2.0 update. I know that some folks had problems when the servers went down. I had waited till later in the day; all went well.
Here are some problems I ran into and some solutions to them. First I tried loading new apps in itunes; couldn't get them to sync with the iphone.
So, I uploaded them straight from my iphone-all went well.
Next, some of the apps froze or wouldn't launch or would but then quit. I rebooted my iphone an this took care of the problem-this time; but not the next. Next time I had to delete the app and then reinstall again. Not sure what caused this. Some apps the screen would freeze, so holding the home button for six seconds or so, released the frozen app. Other wise, hold the home button and power button at the same time, or until the apple logo appears.
If your iphone is a brick; try and reboot or pull out simm card. Update itunes and restore iphone. If it's still a brick; make an appointment with the apple genius, at your local store.
Also, if your iphone won't backup; it's most likely that the backup has become corrupted. Once you stop the process, the backup is corrupted. To fix this, use a application on your mac called "Backup Disabler" you can use this to set a preference to backup only when you want to.
But to fix the problem of no backups, Plug it up to iTunes, hold down both home and top power key until iTunes recognizes it and you can do a restore. I had to hold mine for a while. You'll see the iTunes logo and the sync cable logo. Then restore, using a good backup and then reset all your itunes settings in the tab areas.
And finally, if your iphone apps keep crashing; it's time to restore as a new iphone. I called Apple and this seems to be the best fix. Make sure you back up your address book and photos. Jon L
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Tony Pittman said...

Several times, all of the app store apps just started crashing. Every one. Only the native apps would start. The others just quit after initial startup. Amazing! Anyone else seen this? I am doing this on the 3G, not an upgraded original iphone.

This has happened to me several times. I’ve found that if I remove the app icon by using the icon re-arrange function (hold finger down on an icon until they all “wiggle”) and then press the “x” to remove the app, and then re-install through the app store, the app will work again. That is a quick fix. BUT, it does not explain why this very annoying thing is happening. Should never have to remove and re-install like that. So far, this is like the iVistaPhone instead of a solid Apple product.

Jon said...

Yes, we are seeing some rough edges to this update; the other major headache, is the 2 hour backup??? Jon L