Monday, January 07, 2008

Update: Mac Maintenance

Last year I did a post on maintenance and looks like with a new operating system-we all need an update. First I got most of this from a podcast. It's worth a listen. The typical Mac user podcast.
Typical Mac user
In this area of maintenance software I would look at these.
ONYX, Main Menu, Cocktail, Mac Janitor, Maintenance. Tinkertool, and hopefully Apple Jack will get a Leopard update soon. Some are freeware and other shareware.
You can find these at Versiontracker Make sure these are updated for Leopard and not for Tiger. Some are very simple maintenance scripts and some are much more in depth. Some of these are used weekly or monthly and others are for every six months or more.
Always have a backup and quit all other software when running these programs. Other things to do to keep your mac humming, are:
Don't delete cookies; Launch Services; Zap the Pram (shift command +p +R as your mac reboots. Restart every few days to clear out swap files.
What we want is a smooth running computer and doing these preventive steps will avoid problems from developing.
I warn everyone about trying every program under the sun; check them out and make sure if it is safe to run and make sure you have the latest version update. An example is Xslimmer-will you be able to update the software after slimming down the files? Tidy up (shareware) is for finding duplicates and App Zapper is for deleting all files connected to a program.
Also look for files that take up space-do you need them? Toast for example has files saved that you may not need and using megabite's for nothing. Or how about iphoto, Aperture, Lightroom; are some of these using the same files?
One key thing is to run permissions before a major update and after. Make sure things are kept in the proper place. You can use disk utility for this. Other useful tools are Super duper for backups and time machine. Right now only Time machine is available for Leopard. I use time machine on another drive partitioned with Leopard.
I urge everyone to listen to the podcast for the fine details. JonL

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