Monday, January 07, 2008

Dr Browns Cs3 scripts

This is a must have for any photoshop user! It has saved me hours of time doing tedious tasks. My favorite is 1-2-3 process, for resizing your raw or PSD's into Tiffs or jpegs and now gif's.
There are some videos covering these scripts and a podcast as well. And lots of tutorials and much much more.
Thanks to Mr Russel Brown and his scripts. Jon L

Scripts included with this installation:
- Dr. Brown's Background Remover
- Dr. Brown's 1-2-3 Process
- Dr. Brown's Caption Maker
- Dr. Brown's Slide Show
- Dr. Brown's Stack-A-Matic
- Dr. Brown's Black and White
- Dr. Brown's Place-A-Matic
- Dr. Brown's Merge-A-Matic
- Dr Brown's Fit Video to Audio
- Dr. Brown's Interpret Footage

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