Sunday, December 28, 2008

CS3 selections from Lightroom 2

I played some using edit mode from lightroom to CS3. I made seven selection adjustments, can you tell where? Jon L

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Genius in Photography

Here we can see the journey of photography in the history of those who came before us. These video's tell us a story. Some will influence us and others will provoke us, still others just perplex us.
And sadly some work, will never be seen. Zeitgeist. Jon L
Robert Frank
Richard Avedon
Steven Meisel
Annie Leibovitz
Herb Ritts
Ralph Gibson
Henry Cartier Bresson
Pete Turner
Robin Bowman
What makes it interesting is the writing that goes with each image Robin takes.

Monday, December 15, 2008

10.5.6 update to Mac Os X

The latest update is here. And so is the details and likely list of fixes and problematic fall outs of the newest update. Jon L
Fixes list: versiontracker
Just a note: if you want to keep this info; save as a pdf in print. Or Macfixit will take it off the website for free viewing, in 30 days.
Update on Macfixit
A deeper look: update

Friday, December 05, 2008

Removing Files on your Mac

The best way is the installer that came with the software. If it has an de-installer in the same install app. If not, then try one of these.
AppZapper $13
AppTrap freeware
Cleanapp $13
AppDelete $5
Or you can try Spotlight, which you might use to track down any other files not deleted.
Also of note: Some recent talk again about virus software for the Mac. I don't recommend any of it; if you absolutely need something, try "ClamXav" It's shareware. I use only ClamXav and never have any file problems; except an occasional mail file, which is usually a windows attachment. Which is benign to Mac's anyway, that is if it is even a virus?
Most important is a firewall setup that is already in the Operating software, which I have discussed in previous posts. Jon L
PS: you can find all these apps here. Versiontracker

Monday, December 01, 2008

Welcome to Macintosh: A Documentary

Came across this tonight on arstechnica. I think all Apple fans will enjoy it and some may decide to get it for their collection. It's a documentary on Apple. You can't call it just a computer company, it's about creating something that is like art; taking something ordinary and pushing it to the limits of your imagination. Jon L
Arstechnica talks about it.

Lightroom 2.0

I just ordered Lightroom 2 on Amazon for 149.00. Figured this would be the buy of the year. It's cyber Monday, Right after Black Friday.
Below are some video's to Lightroom basics, as I have heard the package has little to nothing in it for information. Also ordered the book "Lightroom 2" from Scott Kelby.
Adobe TV
Also, here is the PDF link to the manual.
Next, websites for lightroom 2.0 videos, tutorials, plug-ins, RSS feeds.
Some lightroom plug-ins:
you can even make a book in lightroom; though I don't recommend it.
I will keep doing mine in iphoto. Scott Kelby shows how.
making Book
Last but not least, is search in itunes for Lightroom and subscribe to the video podcasts.
Adobe labs: Labs
Lightroom forums: forums
Finally keep uptodate with lightroom news. Jon L
lightroom news
Good discussion on lightroom.
3 reasons why i refuse to use lightroom
Keeping up with lightroom.
lightroom blog
A recent podcast about Lightroom 2.Tom Hogarty Product manager.
Lightroom Conversation

Friday, November 28, 2008

iphone 2.2 update

Looks like a ma-rid of problems regarding this update; although I haven't had any, that I've noticed yet. Here are a few sites discussing the features and the issues some users are having.
Jon L
2.2 update
Issues: Check the right column for topic's regarding the iphone.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Adobe TV

Came across this on Amazons website. Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements both have video's for instruction and techniques, among other software made by Adobe. You can get other videos besides Adobe; Russell Brown and photoshopuser, LayersTV, also have videos all in this one place-separated by checking for names of software or software versions.
From tutorials, demo's, tips n tricks, inspiration. These are also searched by checking the beginner, intermediate, advanced selections. Search is also a way to find the area knowledge base.
Don't forget the free software demo's to get the most out of your decision on what software to buy. Jon L

Friday, November 21, 2008


From a new fun site. Jon L
the Bird and the Bee
Again & Again
Mac verses Pc
South Park
Imac g4 animation

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

HoudahSpot for files searching/organizing

Want to use spotlight to it's fullest potential. Whether your filing photos, music, documents, apps or anything else "houdahSpot" can make your life much easier. Customize your search; templates and your own templates.
Great for organizing your photos just the way you want to. Don't forget to watch the screencast videos for more info. 15 dollars for app. Jon L
Macworld review of HoudahSpot. Macworld


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Security on your Mac "update"

I have recently reviewed my security knowledge base and found it needed updating. So starting with Pauldotcom, as these guys are top notch in the security field. Jon L
You will find more links to sites from this link, at the bottom left of the page.
More good stuff from the "Typical Mac user" site by Victor Cajiao.
Typical Mac user
Internet security blog.
Next, security alert page for apple.
And finally Macworld put out a security Super-guide PDF.
And for those needing more info on wireless networks. Look for two previous posts.
Airport Extreme, June 2007
Setting up a wireless network, July 2008
New: Macworld article on securing your network.
secure your home network

Saturday, November 01, 2008

News Readers from itune apps

I have looked closely at a number of News readers and came to buy two of them. I used the free version, but needed more options and be able to read away from Safari browser. I needed an app that would read online within the app itself. Both of these apps did this. If your like me, a news reader is a must to keep up to date with what's going on in the world and your interests.
I found "Manifesto" and "Byline" to be at the top of what I was looking for.
Manifesto is just a great news reader. It has it's own browser and has flagged files for referencing later. You have tabs of all sorts to control things and on the iphone you have preferences in settings. You can load all of your news feeds from google reader online. They will load up at one time or all at once. This is a good backup if things go wrong. I have to confess I found Manifesto to be just a bit simpler and less expensive then "Byline".
Byline is from google; another great app and with google, you know it will continue to improve. One thing different than "Manifesto" is the folders that come on "Byline", very nice; the only thing I would prefer is that the feeds be separate like in "manifesto" and then have the flagged articles in the separate folders. But that maybe just my preference.
Byline is controlled threw google reader online, so there is no way to add or subtract feeds from the iphone. You will have to do everything from your web browser. This is where "manifesto has it over "Byline". Everything else is much the same. You can email any article from both apps. Two other things you can do with "Byline" are sharing and notes for the community that google has online. Notes you can see in the app.
Another popular rss reader is "Newsstand", I can't say for sure how this rates, as I didn't buy it and there is no demo. But you can check it out to.
My choice for now is "Manifesto" costs less and works great and without the restrictions of the web to control feeds.
Here are the links to all. You can find them all under "news" in the app store on itunes. If you own an iphone or ipod touch, you already have the hardware. But you will need wifi. Jon L

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mac OsX update 10.5.5

What's in the new update. 10.5.5 download
Complete list from Apple: Apple
Things to watch for or preview others who already upgraded. Jon L

Sunday, September 14, 2008

iphone 2.1 update

Well, did it fix everything? No, but it's a much more stable update to be sure.
I only have some apps crashing; but the iphone isn't! Here's the scoop on fixes, both good and bad. Mine is mostly good. Love the fact that backup is mostly under 5 minutes. Jon L
iphone atlas
What's new in this version:
Decrease in call set-up failures and dropped calls
Significantly better battery life for most users
Dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes
Improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts
Faster installation of 3rd party applications
Fixed bugs causing hangs and crashes for users with lots of third party applications
Improved performance in text messaging
Faster loading and searching of contacts
Improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display
Repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages
Option to wipe data after ten failed passcode attempts
Genius playlist creation
New features/fixes:

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Favorite iphone Apps

Now that the iphone app store is open and millions of apps are making there way to users iphones; I thought it was time to put my favorites out to the public. From finance to radio; food and media, the list of diverse apps is making my iphone seem more like a computer everyday. Jon L
Scoreboard for apps: Score
DVD dashboard
Lexisgoo or worldbook
Memengo Wallet
Now playing (admit one)
Pic Quicker
Simplify Media
Stitcher radio
google earth
Whats on?
Aurora Feint
Book Library

AppleJacks back! Leopard edition

For those who have used "applejack 1.5" and followed the updates, this is indeed a happy moment for users. As I was beginning to think there would be no updates for Leopard. Jon L

AppleJack download
Applejack website:Applejack
Macworld review: Review

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Spyware on your Mac

Found out there are some cookies that have spyware to track your every move. Using Macscan, I found a number of cookies that were doing this.
First check your web browsers and make sure, your preferences are set to keep cookie settings from websites you visit only; not advertisers sites.
Here is a webpage describing Macscan. You can get a demo.
Macscan $30
There is also a a demo version from intego, which is more expensive.
I make no claim on which program is better.
Also, a site called Secunia for finding vulnerabilities on your Mac.
Last but not least, is a talk with Victor and Paul about security on the Mac. They discuss, five ways to improve security. Jon L

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

iphone 2.0.1 update

Finally My iphone is back to a much less buggy state-before 2.0.
I find so far, it is crashing much less than before and typing is much faster; but still a few apps have slow typing. But thats most likely the app itself. I now have more than 80 apps on my iphone.
Also found that by using 50 or less apps, my iphone seems to crash a whole lot less and recovers without doing a restore. Jon L
Having ihone issues; here's the place to start finding fixes and work arounds.
iphone atlas
Another iphone site: iphone alley
One more:
iphone blog

Saturday, July 12, 2008

iphone 2.0 update

Hi, just thought I'd share some things regarding the iphone and the 2.0 update. I know that some folks had problems when the servers went down. I had waited till later in the day; all went well.
Here are some problems I ran into and some solutions to them. First I tried loading new apps in itunes; couldn't get them to sync with the iphone.
So, I uploaded them straight from my iphone-all went well.
Next, some of the apps froze or wouldn't launch or would but then quit. I rebooted my iphone an this took care of the problem-this time; but not the next. Next time I had to delete the app and then reinstall again. Not sure what caused this. Some apps the screen would freeze, so holding the home button for six seconds or so, released the frozen app. Other wise, hold the home button and power button at the same time, or until the apple logo appears.
If your iphone is a brick; try and reboot or pull out simm card. Update itunes and restore iphone. If it's still a brick; make an appointment with the apple genius, at your local store.
Also, if your iphone won't backup; it's most likely that the backup has become corrupted. Once you stop the process, the backup is corrupted. To fix this, use a application on your mac called "Backup Disabler" you can use this to set a preference to backup only when you want to.
But to fix the problem of no backups, Plug it up to iTunes, hold down both home and top power key until iTunes recognizes it and you can do a restore. I had to hold mine for a while. You'll see the iTunes logo and the sync cable logo. Then restore, using a good backup and then reset all your itunes settings in the tab areas.
And finally, if your iphone apps keep crashing; it's time to restore as a new iphone. I called Apple and this seems to be the best fix. Make sure you back up your address book and photos. Jon L
Saving battery on the iphone: battery

Friday, July 04, 2008

Setting up a wireless network

Hi, After countless hours, days, weeks of frustration and even talking to an Apple specialist didn't help. I took it upon myself, thru trial and error, I finally got everything working the way I wanted it to.
First I have 4 computers, 3 airports (one AE and two AEBS) taking the latest AEBS and making that one my base station to work off of. Under airport tab-wireless tab, I created a wireless network and used N and G configuration. Channel automatic. WPA2 personal wireless security.
Then on the other two airports I extended the wireless network option under airport wireless tab. All three using ethernet/dhcp.
Then, here is the critical thing that made everything work in synchronicity.
Under the internet tab, I chose connection sharing; using "share a public IP address and not using wan or ethernet wan when updating. This has everything working-most importantly my iphone is working again in wifi.
PS: always repair permissions after any update.
I am one happy camper again. Jon L

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Inside Steve's brain

Just read the book "Inside Steve"s brain" by Leander Kahney. Great book, if you like learning how people think. Steve Jobs is a perfectionist extraordinaire and a one man powerhouse of energy, focus and vision. You can't help but admire this guy who doesn't take no for an answer.
Takes an opportunity and runs with it. Gets the right people and focus to achieve his vision. The maturity of Apple from computers to ink.
Design becomes an obsessive factor in the final product; an integrated element in the products character. Like a poet, musician, the passion is to make it the best it can be-something Jobs would love to have himself.
The symphony of players take stage as Jobs directs the flow and tempo; like a classical composer he moves the piece to it's finality.
Not to say Steve doesn't have his rough spots-most people of vision and passion do seem to make most folks either hate you or love you, with little in-between. A hot temper to be sure and somewhat of an elitism abounds in his striving for the best in life. I think most people who love Apple products can empathize with Jobs desire for exceeding the average.
The digital hub is where it all begins; looking to connect everything from this platform. Audio and visual, with the right applications to make everything work with an Apple type of ease. After audio and video; the now seen ipod and iphone seem obvious extensions to take the mac.
How much of Apples soul can exist without Jobs; we can only wonder how much the other Apple cast members can fill the vacuum when Steve steps down.
One thing few artists ever achieve is taking ones art and turning it into a product money maker. (arts aesthetic value to science) Perhaps the critics will appreciate Jobs a little more now, as what's under the mask has now been revealed to be only human after all. Review by Jon L

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Replacing your Imac hard drive

Hi, recently I had to replace my hard drive on my imac. The computer was having trouble starting up from the sleep mode. And clicking noises were also taking place. I wasn't sure, but thought this to be the most likely culprit.
Anyway it was a success and now I have breathed life into my older imac. Here's how I did it.
First, I did some googling and youtube searches to find out how to go about it. I found some videos and website photos on how it's done.
You will need some basic tools. Hex 6, 9, 10. A flat head and a phillips screw drivers. A towel to lay your imac screen on. A table or bed.
Imac is a 17 inch core 2 duo. White version. But if yours is different, you can google and youtube your specific imac or even mac mini. Jon L
replace internal hard drive photos
Next is youtube videos: for more specific search-put in your own phrase:
Here's another site suggested for info: Applefritter
I'll add more when I can......

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gimp or GNU for Leopard

For those who don't wish to spend a lot of money, Gimp comes free. You can use it for Mac, linux, windows. Gimp was first released in 1998. Two students at Berkeley, Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis got the whole thing started. Neither had any experience with graphic's. Gimp stands for (Image Manipulation Program).
There are three builds for Gimp; so make sure which one will work with your Mac. It may require Apple's X11
Gimp has grown quite a bit from it's launch. Making it a quite powerful graphic's program. Gimp has layers, alpha channels, curves, a robust plug-in's. Gimp doesn't support CMYK or PANTONE color-spaces.
When your at the page; don't forget to click on the dog's face, this will bring you to the homepage for more info. Jon L

Monday, March 03, 2008

What to do if your Mac dies

I recently had my imac, when restarting from shut down-the tone came on and beeped twice and then flash twice again. The Memory was the problem.
This and other things will afflict you at one time or the other. So, I'm posting how to do some preventative procedures to be ready.
Going from the last post; here is more on what to do if your Mac dies. Most of the problems you will have is with software. This podcast from Typical Mac user will go into much more detail on what to do if your Mac starts acting up.
Number one is BACKUP! I like Superduper for ease of use. And or Time machine. Do this before you need to read the rest.
Victor and Steve will walk you thru it. From running hardware tests to checking compatibility issues, lets be prepared.
My Mac died-now what?
Basic Troubleshooting (quick list) From Steve Stanger on the
- Shut your Mac down, wait 10 to 15 seconds and restart.
- Try a safe boot - hold down the shift key after hearing the start up chime.
- Try disconnecting all peripherals connected to your computer. Boot with just your monitor, keyboard and mouse attached.
- Create a new user account, and see if the problem persists there.
- A keyboard or mouse gone bad can make it appear that your Mac is frozen.
- If an application stops responding you should force quit it.
- Relaunch the finder.
- Check free space on the system volume.
- Repair disk with Disk Utility.
- Use Cocktail, Onyx, or MainMenu to to repair disk permissions, run maintenance scripts, clean the user and system caches.
- Download and reinstall current Combo update.
- Is your computer acting up after a RAM upgrade?
- Get yourself a commercial drive tool - DiskWarrior, TechTool Pro, Drive Genius.
- If all else fails reinstall the system from scratch or do an 'archive and install'.
Also of note: I was listening to a podcast and heard that if you take your Mac into Apple, they just might keep your old hard-drive, so ask and make sure you get it back. You don't want your personal info falling into the wrong hands.

Lots of good info here, on trouble shooting.
The X Lab
And of course Apple's discussion boards under support tab. Jon L

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Problems with your Mac?

Exchange + Repair Extension Programs:
If you are having problems with your Mac, Notebook; first check this site on Apple to see if you have a defective product. Jon L

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hard drives

Thought about this for a long time and new I didn't know that much about the subject. So I emailed Adam Christianson about doing something on his podcast. Well He finally did and I am posting it here. It's in the latter part of the podcast, but it is very informative and gives a good start to finding that third party hard drives. Jon L
Jan 31st
Everything you need to know about hard drive links.
Picking a hard-drive
Macperformanceguide: Hard drives

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Steve Wozniak interview

Thought some might like to hear the interview with Steve Wozniak-Spirit of Creativity Part 1. Audio and text. Jon L
Steve Wozniak interview
Part 2 of the interview with Steve Wozniak.
Part 2
Steve Woz's website:
Found a website dedicated to Steve Jobs. I read the biography and found it very interesting. So here is the link.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Thought I'd share some new software. Rapidostart is very nice indeed. I have two monitors, so this comes in real handy for a launcher on my main monitor. Works very easily and with a menu for adjustments. Gives the dock some needed competition. A must have. Jon L

Color management for prints

Some good podcasts in video are found in itunes. Good if you have an iphone or itouch; or just your computer and now apple TV. Photoshop for digital photographers is the name of the podcast. Or from the website: From camera raw to print. Other topic's include work flow (a good pre-curser to printing); Lightroom calibration, as well as many other topic's. Jon L

Monday, January 07, 2008

Dr Browns Cs3 scripts

This is a must have for any photoshop user! It has saved me hours of time doing tedious tasks. My favorite is 1-2-3 process, for resizing your raw or PSD's into Tiffs or jpegs and now gif's.
There are some videos covering these scripts and a podcast as well. And lots of tutorials and much much more.
Thanks to Mr Russel Brown and his scripts. Jon L

Scripts included with this installation:
- Dr. Brown's Background Remover
- Dr. Brown's 1-2-3 Process
- Dr. Brown's Caption Maker
- Dr. Brown's Slide Show
- Dr. Brown's Stack-A-Matic
- Dr. Brown's Black and White
- Dr. Brown's Place-A-Matic
- Dr. Brown's Merge-A-Matic
- Dr Brown's Fit Video to Audio
- Dr. Brown's Interpret Footage

Update: Mac Maintenance

Last year I did a post on maintenance and looks like with a new operating system-we all need an update. First I got most of this from a podcast. It's worth a listen. The typical Mac user podcast.
Typical Mac user
In this area of maintenance software I would look at these.
ONYX, Main Menu, Cocktail, Mac Janitor, Maintenance. Tinkertool, and hopefully Apple Jack will get a Leopard update soon. Some are freeware and other shareware.
You can find these at Versiontracker Make sure these are updated for Leopard and not for Tiger. Some are very simple maintenance scripts and some are much more in depth. Some of these are used weekly or monthly and others are for every six months or more.
Always have a backup and quit all other software when running these programs. Other things to do to keep your mac humming, are:
Don't delete cookies; Launch Services; Zap the Pram (shift command +p +R as your mac reboots. Restart every few days to clear out swap files.
What we want is a smooth running computer and doing these preventive steps will avoid problems from developing.
I warn everyone about trying every program under the sun; check them out and make sure if it is safe to run and make sure you have the latest version update. An example is Xslimmer-will you be able to update the software after slimming down the files? Tidy up (shareware) is for finding duplicates and App Zapper is for deleting all files connected to a program.
Also look for files that take up space-do you need them? Toast for example has files saved that you may not need and using megabite's for nothing. Or how about iphoto, Aperture, Lightroom; are some of these using the same files?
One key thing is to run permissions before a major update and after. Make sure things are kept in the proper place. You can use disk utility for this. Other useful tools are Super duper for backups and time machine. Right now only Time machine is available for Leopard. I use time machine on another drive partitioned with Leopard.
I urge everyone to listen to the podcast for the fine details. JonL