Tuesday, August 14, 2007

imac consumer gets a bad deal from Apple!

Here is the issue: What I learned from the camera makers and how it affects us computer users.

First the camera makers were fighting over who had the best camcorder with "Raw". Then when sales cut into the photo systems offered by Nikon and Canon; the camera makers took out Raw and left us with "jpeg". This effectively forced folks to upgrade to the higher priced camera systems. That is if they wanted to use the latest technology they used to get in there camcorders.

Now is Apple doing the same for it's line? By effectively cutting out the lower end prices for photographers - pro and otherwise, the company forces you to pay for the mac pro.

It worked for the camera makers, why not Apple! I still have my Pro 1 from Canon, as I will not pay for the high end camera system I don't want or need. Well, lets hope Apple gets the message. I suggest everyone email Apple and let them know how we photographers feel about being forced into paying more so the company can bleed the consumer for more money.

What artist's like me found out, is it was cheaper for us to just upgrade every five years then buy a Mac pro everytime. As technology changes so much; after upgrading your Mac pro; it was obsolete in a year or two after you upgraded anyway, as the leap in technology left you far behind. Thats why I bought the imac "last version" instead of the Mac Pro.

Let Apple hear from the us at dpreview and others loud and clear on this issue. JonL

Here is the post on dpreview:

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lightzone software for photos

Hi, came across this software and have to say I was impressed. Simple but powerful and using zones, like the zone system to impove images. Macworld has a review, for more info. Also, look at the tutorial movies for how the software works; very simple and elegant.
There is a discount for users of Aperture/Lightroom and CS users until August 15, saving 50 dollars. They also have a demo. JonL
Review of Lightzone