Thursday, April 12, 2007

CCD Sensor Problems

Wide spread CCD Sensor Problems. With the list continuing to grow, I felt compelled to link the digital Camera's; Camcorders; PDA's.
If your having problems or want to know which camera's might be affected and if your thinking of purchasing or wondering if you already own one. JonL
CCD Camera list

Friday, April 06, 2007

Audio Recording

Audio recording; converting formats; saving.
Starting from software like "Audio Hijack Pro"and converting with "Max" or saving with Toast. There are other software programs out there. "Audio recorder" ;"fission"; "Disco". I also use the Belkin recorder for note taking and converting to mp3. "ispeakit" for converting text to mp3's.
And Cepstral voices for reading aloud.
Cepstral voices
Understanding formats for the conversions. Now with Apple and EMI using no DRM; things are really becoming exciting. itunes using lossless formats.
Audio formats
Podcast from "Technight owl" talks about audio formats and Apple and EMI; DRM free.
New on the market is an audio software called "WireTap studio" Looks like a great improvement in making audio recording as simple as possible. Looks like the consumer wins bigtime on this one. You can hear about is at Technight owl live.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bryce 6 for intel Mac's

Bryce 6.1 has finally arrived. I have used this program in the past and have watched it grow. It has been sold off a few times and has hurt release updates. I haven't used it since version 4. I look forward to getting the latest version.
For those not familiar with this program and wondering why someone who is a photographer would like this. You have a camera inside the software and you can angle it in any direction and create your own virtual world. Then rendering it to make the image. It's great if your not shooting with your digital camera, to keep your artistic edge.
I have some links to Bryce pages on the my blog. JonL