Saturday, February 24, 2007

Internet security

Just thought I'd pass on what I've been reading lately about security; especially the internet. This is where as mac users, I feel is the biggest threat to security.
The firewall; Osx built in one and third party options.
From what I'm reading, the one from Apple is an all or nothing proposition. I close it up completely, as I don't do any file sharing over the internet or use an airport express. To close the firewall completely; just open up system preferences and hit the sharing icon. Then under the tab: firewall, uncheck all of the allow checkboxes ( I have allow network time checked only). Then click on the advanced tab and check all three boxes. Click okay. Then start the firewall protection, where it says Firewall on or off.
Here is a link to 3rd party firewalls and reviews. Just download the PDF file for the article, in the Feb issue.
And here is a interview from one of the software developers of firewalls; has some good info regarding Mac security on the net. JonL