Monday, November 05, 2007

Leopard Security

Hi, like most of you; we want to know what's under the hood of the new operating system from Mac. I read a couple of articles on Leopard's new security options and improvements and decided to post them here.
How Leopard will improve your security
Leopard Firewall Takes One Step Forward, Three Steps Back
A Roundup Of Leopard Security Features
Next is an article on what to look for; where to find it on your mac and how to get rid of it. From Macworld.
How to: Discover malware before installing
Also of note: The only book I could find, was at the Apple store. Leopard by Robin Williams. So far a good book. I found a number of important things about security. Most in the system preferences. Accounts; network; security and sharing. To much to go into detail; but things I wouldn't have found without Williams book.
One thing everyone who uses Safari should know; under preferences-general tab. Uncheck the open safe files after downloading.
Also of use is knowledge about your wireless router if you use one. I found a good article on the basics in security.
10 Tips for Wireless Home Network Security
And to keep up to date on the security issues for mac's. JonL
Internet Security for Your Macintosh
New from Macworld: Understanding & using Leopard's firewall.
Leopards firewall
A new pdf from Apple, on security:
Apple security

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