Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wireless internet with Airport Extreme

Hi, havent posted in a while; moved and then was sick for sometime. Okay, onto the post. I bought myself a Airport extreme for wireless connection thru the house. Three floors and four computers. One a pc and three mac's.
I was very new to this; so it was a pain getting the older mac's online.
I bought a Aerolite usb wireless adapter and had some trouble getting the G4 to recognize it. I got it to work after making sure it was viewable as a name for the list of network options in the software.
And now things are running much smoother. I haven't had time to really analyze every single tab and function of the airport extreme and there is a lot.
Here are a few links to the hardware you may need and reading material to get you up and running. JonL
G version is the latest I could find; I'm sure N will become available. Either a PCI card or the Areolite usb adapter I mentioned earlier. I went for the areolite, because it was available in the store.
Wireless PCI
Here are some links to sites with info on the Airport extreme and wireless technology.
review of the extreme
Apple support
AirPort Trouble shooting guide
Troubleshooting a cable modem, DSL, or LAN Internet connection
A recent edition from the typical mac user. Interview with "George Starcher" using wireless with your mac. 4-18-08
Wireless Networking And Airports
Other options when you need more speed.

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