Sunday, January 14, 2007

The iphone Q&A

With all the iphone buzz, I decided to add this link to my blog. Lots of iphone questions answered here. Also David Pogue has two video's you will want to see. The first, his thoughts on the new iphone after basic coverage in Macworld. The second is his comparison of Vista with OsX. No! Vista isn't an exact copy of OsX? To badly done for that.
From Macworld: what you need to know about the iphone.
Uninspiring Vista, and from a Windows fan who has now switched.
Vista tries to look like Mac
One other thought, with this battery being like the ipods, where you have to send it back to apple for replacement? Apple are you kidding me! How many folks are going to wait for a battery and have no cell phone for days or weeks. They need to set up a outlet to replace these batteries on the fly. Perhaps right in the Apple stores. JonL

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