Monday, January 22, 2007

Internet under attack!

I know this isn't my usual post. But people need to know! If we lose our freedoms on the internet for free speech and what we can post; one more attack on the freedoms we cherish. Congress is afraid of bloggers and others who have audio podcasts; internet radio brodcasts and what they are saying. Ever wonder why the TV news can't give you the real truth in stories. And why the bloggers have the breaking stories these days. Why the cable companies; phone companies are lobbying for control of what you see and hear on the internet. Find out why your social security is lost already.
Open your eyes and do something before it's to late. Let us begin. JonL
internet under attack
H>R>2726 bill will take your freedom on the internet away; sign a letter of protest. Tell everyone you know!
internet under attack in Congress

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