Thursday, January 11, 2007

G4 cube for backup computer

Hi, I discovered that the G4 cube makes for a great backup computer. If your main computer goes down or needs repair. Or if you want a computer to test your software; hardware or updates on.
The cube is relatively inexpensive and small. I bought 3 and gave 2 out for gifts. I only updated the Ram and hard drive. No great speed here, but not slow either. So far, It can handle upgrading to Tiger without any trouble. Won't know about Leopard, until it arrives.
You can get them cheap on ebay or a few online outlets. Prices go for about 150 to 400. Just make sure what comes with the cube; sometimes it comes with the power supply and sometimes not. Does it come with monitor; speaker? All the components will cause the price to vary - so shop around. Adding ram is cheap and hard drives up to 120 gigs go for around 75 dollars. Larger hard drives require more work and software. You will need a monitor, for the cube. I already had a second one. You can get the keyboard and mouse for under 50 dollars at macmall.
Make sure you have inside the cube everything you need. Modem if you won't be using cable or ethernet. Sound is threw usb connection; speakers are cheap and you will need a mini usb sound card adapter. You can get both for under 20 dollars.
I thought about a mac mini, but the cube is still cheaper and fast enough for my needs. A mac mini cost 600; you need a monitor and keyboard; mouse. You can do all kinds of upgrading if you like; cpu; dvd; Graphics card. But I myself don't need them or the added cost. The speed of the 450 and 500 cpu is good enough. Parts are fairly cheap to replace. You can do all the work yourself with these two tools (a T8 and T10 screwdriver set) for under 10 dollars.
Oh, and best of all you won't need to use Classic or Os9( unless you need to upgrade your firmware). If you need any firmware updates or pdf's for taking apart your cube or manuals; leave me your email and I'll zip file them to you. JonL
You can find everything you need from this link; including parts.

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