Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reducing launch time for applications

Hi, found this on a video. By clicking info (command i) on any application, you can look to the languages arrow and by un-checking the boxes for other languages, keeping your native language only, you speed up the launch time for any application that holds many languages.
Take CS3 for example; what language do you speak? Just un-check all the others and relaunch your application. Watch how fast it loads after you do this.
I noticed that many third party apps have already done this for you; but Apple software has every language you can think of. JonL

Monday, December 24, 2007

Memory for the Mac

Everything you wanted to know about Ram
From Macworld: Upgrading Ram FAQ's
Understanding Intel Mac; reviews of memory sites.
Intel Mac RAM
Places to buy your Ram:
Memory to go
Data memory systems
And then there is Memory of all types:
Macbreaktech has some info on Ram. Last twenty minutes of podcast. Jon L

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Keyboard shortcuts

Incase you need to know what the shortcuts are; here's a list. JonL
Tiger keyboard shortcuts:
keyboard shortcuts
Leopard keyboard shortcuts:
Leopard keyboard shortcuts

Saturday, December 15, 2007

iphoto books

Hi, if your like me and have iphoto 08 and want to make a book from your images, here's some info to get you started. JonL
From Apples site:
Iphoto/Aperture books
The mac os hints forums:
Mac osX hints
by Aleta Todisco
iphoto book tutorial
DPI verses PPI
The myth of DPI
Some helpful stuff on iphoto with all kinds of hints and tips

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Webcams for mac's

I bought a mac mini and wanted to use a webcam for it; but came to find out how few there really are. So this is what I found out.
First Apple stopped making any for their mac's as most imac's and notebooks already have them built in-except the mac mini and macpro.
Good info from Macintouch reader reports.
The image usb webcam is probably the most compatible other than the original isight from apple; problem is it gets a bad review from arstechnica.
Here's image website if your interested.
Here is another I found; have no review thou.
TerraCam X2
Next, I called logitech and creative and found out they have webcams that work; but not with all mac applications-photo booth. Problem is, they don't seem to really know. So apon further investigation, I found that the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 and the creative Live! cam optia AF both work with Mac's; but what apps again? I looked at Amazon reviews and found out one guy stating that the Logitech works with most mac apps-iChat, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, and Photo Booth. It doesn't work with iMovie.
Review of Logitech quickcam pro 9000, with it's carl zeiss optic.
Cnet's review of the pro 9000.
Logitech pro 9000
More on how the pro 9000 works with Mac specifically. Scroll to bottom of the page.
For Mac and OS X
cnet review
Creative's live! cam optia AF says mac compatible OS X v10.4.9 or higher.
Creative Optia
Again, Amazon reviews mixed; but says most mac apps work with the Optia.
So read the Mac reviews mixed in with Pc. You wont find any help from the two companies; makes you wonder about support?
Here is a review of the optia on cnet; the logitech comes out ahead!
cnet review
Next, here is a website called macam; has driver for most webcams with mixed results; here is the list.
You will find camera list; download software driver; and more.
Another one is iglasses: You will have to check which cams benefit from this software. iglasses
Some have mentioned the xbox 360 vision camera; you can get one on ebay. Quality is poor. Good luck, as I'm still looking. JonL

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wiretap studio

What a nice product. Don't know a lot about audio, but this program is so intuitive and useful. I just downloaded Daryl Hall off of Safari web browser and it couldn't have been easier. Loaded it up in itunes and on my nano ipod in seconds.
Wiretap studio can record anything! There is a free demo to try; I got mine and within the 30 day trial-I bought it. 10% discount till end of Jan 08.
I found out that snapz pro x does the video-yes it's the same company Ambrosia. Ishowu is an alternative for a third of the price; but not as easy to use.
Macworld has a review of Wiretap Studio. JonL

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Leopard external boot disc

Here again, are a number of ways to make a bootable external disc. Here is how I did mine. I loaded up my Leopard disc and rebooted. Then started disc utility and Making sure what Mac you have and using the right partition map.
I use Guid for my intel imac.
Then Partitioned into two volumes; the first I called leopard and the second I called time machine-for my backups. Works great. I used 50mb for 1st and 247mb for 2nd. Now I have a bootable drive and backup on the same external hard drive.
Here are some links to other ways. First from Macfixit. If your not a subscriber, better save to a pdf-while it's free.
clone of leopard
Here is another two items I got from a google search. I'm sure there are more. JonL
booting an intel imac from an external drive
creating a bootable firewire disk

Monday, November 05, 2007

Leopard Security

Hi, like most of you; we want to know what's under the hood of the new operating system from Mac. I read a couple of articles on Leopard's new security options and improvements and decided to post them here.
How Leopard will improve your security
Leopard Firewall Takes One Step Forward, Three Steps Back
A Roundup Of Leopard Security Features
Next is an article on what to look for; where to find it on your mac and how to get rid of it. From Macworld.
How to: Discover malware before installing
Also of note: The only book I could find, was at the Apple store. Leopard by Robin Williams. So far a good book. I found a number of important things about security. Most in the system preferences. Accounts; network; security and sharing. To much to go into detail; but things I wouldn't have found without Williams book.
One thing everyone who uses Safari should know; under preferences-general tab. Uncheck the open safe files after downloading.
Also of use is knowledge about your wireless router if you use one. I found a good article on the basics in security.
10 Tips for Wireless Home Network Security
And to keep up to date on the security issues for mac's. JonL
Internet Security for Your Macintosh
New from Macworld: Understanding & using Leopard's firewall.
Leopards firewall
A new pdf from Apple, on security:
Apple security

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Leopard: installing

Update: I have leopard up and running. It went very smoothly on my imac. I just followed the archive and install method and updated my software as soon as I booted up.
I thought I'd talk a little about what to look out for and what's in leopard. First don't be in a rush to get leopard, as with any major upgrade-I think most people by now know that waiting a week or two is a good bet to find out if the third party applications will run smoothly or not with leopard.
This will keep you from spending endless hours or days trying to get this to work on your main computer's software/hardware. Then when the time is right you can upgrade with little or no problems. Or maybe you will wait for the first upgrade from apple to fix any known problems. Let's hope that there won't be to many issues to deal with.
The Apple website gives you a good feel for what's in leopard and the "" has a series of articles going into detail. All links can be found on my blog. Here is the link to system requirements need to work in leopard. If your mac doesn't meet the requirements, you will have to upgrade. JonL
leopard system requirements
Update: Adam Christianson did a podcast on "how to get ready for Leopard".
I added the link for those who want to make the transition as easy as possible.
Leopard podcast
And finally, from Macfixit; an article on preparing Leopard installation-before and after.
Problems updating leopard: From macfixit and Apple website I see this being the best way to upgrade. Archive and install. Here is why. JonL
Archive and Install choice
This option moves existing system files to a folder named Previous System, and then installs a new copy of Mac OS X. This option is available only for volumes with Mac OS X already installed. Usually, if you select this method, you will want to also select (check) "Preserve Users and Network Settings" which imports existing user accounts, home folders, and your network settings into the new system.
Make sure you run disk utility to check for any disk problems before you install Leopard.
failure to boot

Thursday, September 13, 2007

iphone links

Since buying an iphone; after the ipod touch cut out so many of the iphones features. I still think I'm paying ATT to much money! Cable and internet are much cheaper? Well thats another debate.
Here are a collection of iphone websites below. If you know of any others; email me or add to the comments. JonL
apple iphone
iphone manual pdf
digg/iphone stories
iphone widget list
iphone Macworld
txtdrop sms
iphone application list
iphone podcast
iphone atlas
Finding wifi hotspots

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

imac consumer gets a bad deal from Apple!

Here is the issue: What I learned from the camera makers and how it affects us computer users.

First the camera makers were fighting over who had the best camcorder with "Raw". Then when sales cut into the photo systems offered by Nikon and Canon; the camera makers took out Raw and left us with "jpeg". This effectively forced folks to upgrade to the higher priced camera systems. That is if they wanted to use the latest technology they used to get in there camcorders.

Now is Apple doing the same for it's line? By effectively cutting out the lower end prices for photographers - pro and otherwise, the company forces you to pay for the mac pro.

It worked for the camera makers, why not Apple! I still have my Pro 1 from Canon, as I will not pay for the high end camera system I don't want or need. Well, lets hope Apple gets the message. I suggest everyone email Apple and let them know how we photographers feel about being forced into paying more so the company can bleed the consumer for more money.

What artist's like me found out, is it was cheaper for us to just upgrade every five years then buy a Mac pro everytime. As technology changes so much; after upgrading your Mac pro; it was obsolete in a year or two after you upgraded anyway, as the leap in technology left you far behind. Thats why I bought the imac "last version" instead of the Mac Pro.

Let Apple hear from the us at dpreview and others loud and clear on this issue. JonL

Here is the post on dpreview:

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lightzone software for photos

Hi, came across this software and have to say I was impressed. Simple but powerful and using zones, like the zone system to impove images. Macworld has a review, for more info. Also, look at the tutorial movies for how the software works; very simple and elegant.
There is a discount for users of Aperture/Lightroom and CS users until August 15, saving 50 dollars. They also have a demo. JonL
Review of Lightzone

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fotomagico compression settings

I posted this on DP review also.
Updated to fotomagico 2. I am looking at the compression types and wondering if the standard quicktime to HD 264 can be improved on. They state that there is a huge reduction in quality when exporting from quicktime. Anyone know. Here is the list; does someone have a better compression format?
I am burning to toast 8.
Here is the link to the forum on DPreview:
Update: Now with the latest version of Fotomagico 2.6, we have a much better or simpler way to export our slide shows. Jon L

Monday, June 25, 2007

Using Colorsync for image editing

You can use "Colorsync utility" for image editing and it's free and right in your utilities folder on your Mac!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wireless internet with Airport Extreme

Hi, havent posted in a while; moved and then was sick for sometime. Okay, onto the post. I bought myself a Airport extreme for wireless connection thru the house. Three floors and four computers. One a pc and three mac's.
I was very new to this; so it was a pain getting the older mac's online.
I bought a Aerolite usb wireless adapter and had some trouble getting the G4 to recognize it. I got it to work after making sure it was viewable as a name for the list of network options in the software.
And now things are running much smoother. I haven't had time to really analyze every single tab and function of the airport extreme and there is a lot.
Here are a few links to the hardware you may need and reading material to get you up and running. JonL
G version is the latest I could find; I'm sure N will become available. Either a PCI card or the Areolite usb adapter I mentioned earlier. I went for the areolite, because it was available in the store.
Wireless PCI
Here are some links to sites with info on the Airport extreme and wireless technology.
review of the extreme
Apple support
AirPort Trouble shooting guide
Troubleshooting a cable modem, DSL, or LAN Internet connection
A recent edition from the typical mac user. Interview with "George Starcher" using wireless with your mac. 4-18-08
Wireless Networking And Airports
Other options when you need more speed.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

CCD Sensor Problems

Wide spread CCD Sensor Problems. With the list continuing to grow, I felt compelled to link the digital Camera's; Camcorders; PDA's.
If your having problems or want to know which camera's might be affected and if your thinking of purchasing or wondering if you already own one. JonL
CCD Camera list

Friday, April 06, 2007

Audio Recording

Audio recording; converting formats; saving.
Starting from software like "Audio Hijack Pro"and converting with "Max" or saving with Toast. There are other software programs out there. "Audio recorder" ;"fission"; "Disco". I also use the Belkin recorder for note taking and converting to mp3. "ispeakit" for converting text to mp3's.
And Cepstral voices for reading aloud.
Cepstral voices
Understanding formats for the conversions. Now with Apple and EMI using no DRM; things are really becoming exciting. itunes using lossless formats.
Audio formats
Podcast from "Technight owl" talks about audio formats and Apple and EMI; DRM free.
New on the market is an audio software called "WireTap studio" Looks like a great improvement in making audio recording as simple as possible. Looks like the consumer wins bigtime on this one. You can hear about is at Technight owl live.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bryce 6 for intel Mac's

Bryce 6.1 has finally arrived. I have used this program in the past and have watched it grow. It has been sold off a few times and has hurt release updates. I haven't used it since version 4. I look forward to getting the latest version.
For those not familiar with this program and wondering why someone who is a photographer would like this. You have a camera inside the software and you can angle it in any direction and create your own virtual world. Then rendering it to make the image. It's great if your not shooting with your digital camera, to keep your artistic edge.
I have some links to Bryce pages on the my blog. JonL

Friday, March 09, 2007

Megapixel Myth

The truth about megapixels.
From camera maker's lens; sensor, Bit depth, and photographers experience.
Megapixels are under the microscope. JonL
Megapixel Myth
Bit depth and everything else. The difference between Digital and Film photography.
PDF file
Here is a new site I found. Has good info. 11-7-07
The myth of DPI

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Internet security

Just thought I'd pass on what I've been reading lately about security; especially the internet. This is where as mac users, I feel is the biggest threat to security.
The firewall; Osx built in one and third party options.
From what I'm reading, the one from Apple is an all or nothing proposition. I close it up completely, as I don't do any file sharing over the internet or use an airport express. To close the firewall completely; just open up system preferences and hit the sharing icon. Then under the tab: firewall, uncheck all of the allow checkboxes ( I have allow network time checked only). Then click on the advanced tab and check all three boxes. Click okay. Then start the firewall protection, where it says Firewall on or off.
Here is a link to 3rd party firewalls and reviews. Just download the PDF file for the article, in the Feb issue.
And here is a interview from one of the software developers of firewalls; has some good info regarding Mac security on the net. JonL

Sunday, January 28, 2007

My trip to Quebec city

Hi, love my new fotomagico software! Made a quicktime movie of my trip to Quebec City, Canada. Went there in late September. Hope you like. The software is very intuitive. The more I played with it, the more it can do. I really need to study all the export features, as it was a bit overwhelming.
I have found that using photo/jpeg on the export works best. The best way to improve quality is to increase the image size of your jpegs or tiffs.
Having trouble uploading a new version of the QT movie?
Here is another software program for free; it's called "isquint" and converts quicktime to mp4's for ipod and TV. It's a bit buggy, but for free. JonL

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Online Mac Magazines

Hi, here are some of the online sites that have magazines. The trend is changing for magazines. Some are now doing both versions and some are now only online. Some are new and some have reinvented themselfs.
If you know of any others; let me know. I just discovered. Checkout the newsletter magazine format. JonL

Monday, January 22, 2007

Internet under attack!

I know this isn't my usual post. But people need to know! If we lose our freedoms on the internet for free speech and what we can post; one more attack on the freedoms we cherish. Congress is afraid of bloggers and others who have audio podcasts; internet radio brodcasts and what they are saying. Ever wonder why the TV news can't give you the real truth in stories. And why the bloggers have the breaking stories these days. Why the cable companies; phone companies are lobbying for control of what you see and hear on the internet. Find out why your social security is lost already.
Open your eyes and do something before it's to late. Let us begin. JonL
internet under attack
H>R>2726 bill will take your freedom on the internet away; sign a letter of protest. Tell everyone you know!
internet under attack in Congress

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The iphone Q&A

With all the iphone buzz, I decided to add this link to my blog. Lots of iphone questions answered here. Also David Pogue has two video's you will want to see. The first, his thoughts on the new iphone after basic coverage in Macworld. The second is his comparison of Vista with OsX. No! Vista isn't an exact copy of OsX? To badly done for that.
From Macworld: what you need to know about the iphone.
Uninspiring Vista, and from a Windows fan who has now switched.
Vista tries to look like Mac
One other thought, with this battery being like the ipods, where you have to send it back to apple for replacement? Apple are you kidding me! How many folks are going to wait for a battery and have no cell phone for days or weeks. They need to set up a outlet to replace these batteries on the fly. Perhaps right in the Apple stores. JonL

Thursday, January 11, 2007

G4 cube for backup computer

Hi, I discovered that the G4 cube makes for a great backup computer. If your main computer goes down or needs repair. Or if you want a computer to test your software; hardware or updates on.
The cube is relatively inexpensive and small. I bought 3 and gave 2 out for gifts. I only updated the Ram and hard drive. No great speed here, but not slow either. So far, It can handle upgrading to Tiger without any trouble. Won't know about Leopard, until it arrives.
You can get them cheap on ebay or a few online outlets. Prices go for about 150 to 400. Just make sure what comes with the cube; sometimes it comes with the power supply and sometimes not. Does it come with monitor; speaker? All the components will cause the price to vary - so shop around. Adding ram is cheap and hard drives up to 120 gigs go for around 75 dollars. Larger hard drives require more work and software. You will need a monitor, for the cube. I already had a second one. You can get the keyboard and mouse for under 50 dollars at macmall.
Make sure you have inside the cube everything you need. Modem if you won't be using cable or ethernet. Sound is threw usb connection; speakers are cheap and you will need a mini usb sound card adapter. You can get both for under 20 dollars.
I thought about a mac mini, but the cube is still cheaper and fast enough for my needs. A mac mini cost 600; you need a monitor and keyboard; mouse. You can do all kinds of upgrading if you like; cpu; dvd; Graphics card. But I myself don't need them or the added cost. The speed of the 450 and 500 cpu is good enough. Parts are fairly cheap to replace. You can do all the work yourself with these two tools (a T8 and T10 screwdriver set) for under 10 dollars.
Oh, and best of all you won't need to use Classic or Os9( unless you need to upgrade your firmware). If you need any firmware updates or pdf's for taking apart your cube or manuals; leave me your email and I'll zip file them to you. JonL
You can find everything you need from this link; including parts.

Friday, January 05, 2007

USB Flash Memory

With prices becoming very cheap in the last few months; this is a good way to transfer data from one computer to another. The future for flash data storage is going to grow huge in the next few years; replacing hard drives. The cost will remain high until it's common place.
Just like hard drives, remember to partition your usb flash drive; I had one crash my computer, because it was partitioned for fat (meaning windows and mac).
Also, you can use your usb flash drive for a boot-able drive; checkout an earlier post on the subject.