Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Podcasts for itunes/ipod

This is very valuable information on Mac updates and software. And general outlook on where Apple is headed. I listen to get lots of tips on using my mac to the fullest. I will post some of the better shows. You can find these all in itune podcasts. Even if you don't have an ipod, you can listen or watch video with itunes. JonL
"Greekbrief" is fun and the lady is very much fun to watch.
"inside digital photo"
"Mac OS Ken"
"Mac Tips Daily!"
"MacCompanion magazine"
Macworld podcasts"
"Mac Fanatic"
"Photoshop Killer Tips"
"Photoshop TV" (video)
"Surfbits Mac Reviewcast"
Mac Observer's Weekly Roundup"
The Tech Night Owl Live" (one of my favorites)
"Typical Mac User Podcast"
"Your Mac Life"
"The MacCore show"
"The Imaging Buffet" (photography)
"The Luminous Landscape" (photography)
"British Mac" (this guy is great; comes from a musical background)
You can find most of these on this site; do a search:
Or type in the name in itunes; where it says search.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jon... Thanks for the mention.

Ken -- Mac OS Ken

J. Curtis said...

Yes, thanks for mentioning the show!

-J. Curtis
Your Mac Life

Jon said...

Hey, your both welcome. Knowledge is a good thing. Jon