Sunday, November 26, 2006

Maintenance for your mac

Thought I'd tell folks what I'm using to keep my imac humming. From software to some articles on the subject. Most are free or shareware. You can find this software here:
"Applejack" (applescripts in root) Restart your computer using command S
"ClamXav" (virus protection)
"Onyx" (Maintenance software)
"Disk utility" (Mac's own utility application) you'll find it in utilities folder
"Techtoolpro" (disk recovery N maintenance-much more) expensive, but if your disk fails? Diskwarrior is another.
"Superduper" (backup software) cheaper alternative to Techtoolpro
"Tinkertool" (access to additional preference settings)
"MainMenu" (maintenance software)
"Memtest" (testing your computers Ram) using the root command
How to do memtest
Free advice: Bob LeVitus
Bob checks/fixes
The xlab for troubleshooting info:
Macfixit; the ultimate archieve for problem solving:
Permisson issues
The Apple discussion boards:
Apple boards
Deframentation article from Apple:
Defragging your hard drive
Good info from drivesavers site:

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