Wednesday, November 22, 2006

DNG controversy

Like some of you are discovering; DNG archival standard, just doesn't seem to have everyone onboard. From Photographers to Camera makers, to software editors. I for one have not converted yet and don't plan on it, until these issues are resolved. Using DNG also enlarges your files.
One issue I have is with the digicams and camera makers:
I have noticed that camera makers are excluding the digicams from using Raw files; I believe it's because they want photographers to buy the expensive SLR's. I used to own a system, but now find I can do most of what I want with a digicam like the Pro 1. All this talk by Canon and their excuse about megapixals and sensors, I believe is BS! They don't have to keep increasing pixel size and I'm sure that the sensors could be made bigger. JonL
Luminous-landscape review of DNG

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