Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Calibrating your imac

Hi, if your like me; one of the new imac owners, your finding just how difficult it seems to be to calibrate your monitor. I have been reading a number of posts regarding this topic and have tried to filter out some of the better information on the subject.
Update: have now calibrated my two monitors with success. I bought an eye-one display 2. Not to say this is the only one out there; just the one I have.
Here are a some flash tutorials that will be help explain how it all works. JonL

Monitor calibration devices:
Apple discussions on calibration
Drycreekphoto talks about monitor calibration and more:
Dry creek photo (monitor calibration and profiling)
Help with 24in iMac Display Calibration
Profiles/supercal/apple thread
Another method: DarkAdapted for gamma control.
Epaperpress on Monitor Calibration
epaperpress talks Monitor Calibration
This is a great site for info and reviews:
Using the built in calibrator on your imac. Step by step tutorial.
Calibrating an LCD display in Mac OS X
And one more from Steves's Digicams:
column by Mike Chaney
LCD test page
please add your input and help all who wish to learn how to calibrate there imac. JonL