Sunday, December 24, 2006

Warning on disk utility "erase free space"

When using the disk utility application, be aware of using the (erase free space) option. Use it only from an external harddrive. If you use it on your startup harddrive you will have to force quit and it will cause some problems.
Here's some more info on the subject. JonL
Erase free space

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Photoshop CS3

Here are a number of sites containing video tutorials and other information on the new Beta CS3.
library of
russellbrown videos
jnacks adobe site
Here is a link to known issues concerning CS3 beta, from photoshop news.
Photoshop news

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Creating a Bootable disc

From Ted Landau on making a bootable disc. Step by step. Unfortunately it seems you can't make it without buying TTP or DW. What a process; should be an easier way. JonL
make a Bootdisc for any OSX version or Mac
Another method of bootable disc, by Kappy.
Panther/Tiger method
A new entry in bootable software: DasBoot - 1.0.1
A new entry is PortableosX; Tried it and it works great; but doesn't work on flash drives.

Friday, December 01, 2006

New Mac users/switchers

Thought I'd give some links to new users and switchers about using your Mac.
Without any manual from Apple; David Pogues book, "The Missing Manual".
The missing manuals
Mac 101. Getting started with your Mac.
Mac 101
Apple discussions. Forum for Apple users.
Apple Forums
Teach Mac: A learning center for Mac newbies.
Teach Mac

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Maintenance for your mac

Thought I'd tell folks what I'm using to keep my imac humming. From software to some articles on the subject. Most are free or shareware. You can find this software here:
"Applejack" (applescripts in root) Restart your computer using command S
"ClamXav" (virus protection)
"Onyx" (Maintenance software)
"Disk utility" (Mac's own utility application) you'll find it in utilities folder
"Techtoolpro" (disk recovery N maintenance-much more) expensive, but if your disk fails? Diskwarrior is another.
"Superduper" (backup software) cheaper alternative to Techtoolpro
"Tinkertool" (access to additional preference settings)
"MainMenu" (maintenance software)
"Memtest" (testing your computers Ram) using the root command
How to do memtest
Free advice: Bob LeVitus
Bob checks/fixes
The xlab for troubleshooting info:
Macfixit; the ultimate archieve for problem solving:
Permisson issues
The Apple discussion boards:
Apple boards
Deframentation article from Apple:
Defragging your hard drive
Good info from drivesavers site:

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

DNG controversy

Like some of you are discovering; DNG archival standard, just doesn't seem to have everyone onboard. From Photographers to Camera makers, to software editors. I for one have not converted yet and don't plan on it, until these issues are resolved. Using DNG also enlarges your files.
One issue I have is with the digicams and camera makers:
I have noticed that camera makers are excluding the digicams from using Raw files; I believe it's because they want photographers to buy the expensive SLR's. I used to own a system, but now find I can do most of what I want with a digicam like the Pro 1. All this talk by Canon and their excuse about megapixals and sensors, I believe is BS! They don't have to keep increasing pixel size and I'm sure that the sensors could be made bigger. JonL
Luminous-landscape review of DNG

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Aperture and Lightroom discussed

"Tech Night owl live" talks about Aperture and lightroom; where they are and where they are going. Jim Heid, gives his thoughts. First part of the show. It's a podcast mp3 format. JonL
Nov 16 06
Lightroom page from Adobe:
Lightroom Beta4 video tutorials
Lightroom podcasts
Aperture, from Apples website:
Apples Aperture
Oreilly's website on Aperture:
New: Lightroom review; compares to Aperture

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Security for your Mac

I have been trying to find out as much as possible to secure my mac from prying eyes. From Keychain lockouts to using disk utility for compressing files and locking them with encryption. Don't use file vault, unless your an expert. Some say once you use file vault you can't quit it.
As far as Viruses go; from what I'm reading, it's mostly malware, which is minor and comes threw email. Just don't accept attachments from those you don't know. I use a freeware application called "ClamXav" for mac. And if your going to use bootcamp, you will probably need a virus software for your windows. JonL
Link to watching internet security issues.
Keychain access/passwords(show Nov 2nd)
Lock screen
Protect your mac/viruses
Disk utility secrets
The Key to Keychain
Encypt files for safety

Podcasts for itunes/ipod

This is very valuable information on Mac updates and software. And general outlook on where Apple is headed. I listen to get lots of tips on using my mac to the fullest. I will post some of the better shows. You can find these all in itune podcasts. Even if you don't have an ipod, you can listen or watch video with itunes. JonL
"Greekbrief" is fun and the lady is very much fun to watch.
"inside digital photo"
"Mac OS Ken"
"Mac Tips Daily!"
"MacCompanion magazine"
Macworld podcasts"
"Mac Fanatic"
"Photoshop Killer Tips"
"Photoshop TV" (video)
"Surfbits Mac Reviewcast"
Mac Observer's Weekly Roundup"
The Tech Night Owl Live" (one of my favorites)
"Typical Mac User Podcast"
"Your Mac Life"
"The MacCore show"
"The Imaging Buffet" (photography)
"The Luminous Landscape" (photography)
"British Mac" (this guy is great; comes from a musical background)
You can find most of these on this site; do a search:
Or type in the name in itunes; where it says search.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Calibrating your imac

Hi, if your like me; one of the new imac owners, your finding just how difficult it seems to be to calibrate your monitor. I have been reading a number of posts regarding this topic and have tried to filter out some of the better information on the subject.
Update: have now calibrated my two monitors with success. I bought an eye-one display 2. Not to say this is the only one out there; just the one I have.
Here are a some flash tutorials that will be help explain how it all works. JonL

Monitor calibration devices:
Apple discussions on calibration
Drycreekphoto talks about monitor calibration and more:
Dry creek photo (monitor calibration and profiling)
Help with 24in iMac Display Calibration
Profiles/supercal/apple thread
Another method: DarkAdapted for gamma control.
Epaperpress on Monitor Calibration
epaperpress talks Monitor Calibration
This is a great site for info and reviews:
Using the built in calibrator on your imac. Step by step tutorial.
Calibrating an LCD display in Mac OS X
And one more from Steves's Digicams:
column by Mike Chaney
LCD test page
please add your input and help all who wish to learn how to calibrate there imac. JonL

Friday, November 03, 2006

software for the mac

I am letting those that are interested in helpful software, a list of what I found interesting. Some are freeware and some are not. Most aren't to expensive if they do cost. These are not in any order and vary from different uses. Some are even for ipod or pb. You can find most, by typing in the names at versiontraker. I have an intel mac; so not sure if they will run on older macs.
Let me know what other software folks find interesting and I may add to the list. JonL
Here's the List:
side note
find it keep it
desktrade (stock ticker)
TapDex (one touch address info)
Widget manager
Mactracker (mac database)
Onyx (maintenance)
ClamXav (virus freeware)
Preferential treatment
VLC player
Pic2icon (graphic)
DejaMenu (contextual menu)
Font book
Google earth (mapping)
snapNdrag (graphic)
Lab Tick (brightness control for laptop)
Burn (freeware)..nice
SuperDuper (backup software)
Jiggler(keeps your screen from dimming)
ChocoFlop (graphic)
Seashore (graphic)
Applejack (mantenance scripts)
Multi-thumbs (graphic)
Easyfind (instead of spotlight)
Audio hijack

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Backing up your data

Seems there are many software choices to backing up, as well as what to back up and what to back up to. Let's take a look at some of the information.
Joe kissell has some very good information.
You can hear Joe kissell take about backups from this mp3.

Also from Dr. Mac
dailytips-bootable backup

One mans obsession with Backing up.

And from a number of folks on Dpreview mac forums; mentioned superduper. I myself use this software and find it quite nice. I am still learning, so I don't consider myself an expert. Leopard will have time machine in the next major update to OSX.
A new one, with a twist; and it's free
Another free app, is backuplist.
ibackup is free to.
Carbon copy is shareware $5
Carbon copy
Chronosync is shareware $30
SuperDuper is shareware $28
Purmac, a number of software choices to choose from. JonL
Pure-mac backup software
Found another site on reviewing backup software: A bit dated
Mac backup software harmful

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finding info on the Mac you own

This software data base is well put together. Very well put together and up-to-date. Even ipods;printers;mice;scanners;camera's are databased here. Donation only, which says a lot for the one who designed it. Well done, Mactracker. JonL

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Welcome to the link site

Hi, I am new at html, so bear with me. I am trying to create a depository of links having to do with Mac followers, who use image editing programs and Art software from Bryce, Photoshop, Aperture, Fractals to name a few.
Also of concern is color calibration and Mac utilities,software for improving your Mac experience.
My intent is to have this as a one stop shopping center to link up to everysite of interest. An index to your favorite sites. The only way this will improve is if I can get your help in keeping me uptodate on where the links are.
Also I will be updating certain posts, to make them more uptodate and relevant. I'd rather do this than make a whole new post; so if you have a topic your following, go back and recheck periodically for the update. JonL